Love Poems About Horseback or Horseback Love Poems
by Cherie Durbin |
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There's a Sport For Everyone

"There's a Sport for Everyone" is a children's song, sung to the tune of "The Farmer 
in the Dell".

There's a sport for everyone,
There's a sport for everyone-
Baseball, soccer, basketball;
Sports are so much fun!

Bonus activity: Ask each child which sports they participate in or would like to try. 
Explain that there is a sport for everyone, no matter your physical capabilities. Some 
sports like English horseback riding may require more mental skills than physical. Tell 
children, "If you try a variety of sports, you're sure to find one you love!"

by Rick Parise |
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Double Tanka   

A man of prestige      
a night in shining armor 
with one arm he lifts....
his gallant attire brushed pure-
heart aflutter, she submits....

With pink skies distant 
upon the mighty horse, one....
into the sunset
a beauty and her hero,
together, endless her dreams....

This is a story of how my brother in-law proposed to my sister(upon horseback)she 
was elated. Her hero for life, and also mine for protecting my sis and loving her through eternity. 


by Line Gauthier |
Categories: anniversary, engagement, nostalgia, soulmate, true love,

History In the Making

Do you remember, dear, we were young
It was dusk and we’d gone horseback riding
Stopped to sip riesling wine
Nibble grapes and cheese

With much passion you unfurled your intentions
Detailed how you saw the future together
Getting married, building a house
And then maybe children to call our own

You asked me to consider it
I said there was nothing to think about
So it was that with a kiss we sealed the deal 
There was no greater honour in my heart

And on the outside I know I glowed
For we both knew we were creating history

AP: 3rd place 2022

Submitted on March 3, 2018 for contest EIGHT-WORD CHALLENGE sponsored by ROBERT HAIGH  -  RANKED 9TH

by Shirley Gribble |
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The Call of the Highlands

The Call of the Highlands

Oh I'd love a day out in the heather,
With a ghillie a gun and a stick,
I'd stalk 'cross the moors, crawl about on all fours
All the way from Fort William to Wick.

Oh I'd love to catch fish in the river,
Cast my line, it's no problem you see,
For the fish that I catch will find they're no match
For a quick-witted lassie like me.

Oh I'd love to go riding on horseback,
'cross the valley the glen and the moor.
I'd gallop all day o're the banks and the brae,
And come back a bit saddle sore.

Oh I think that maybe on reflection,
If it's snowy, or if the wind roars,
That I'll find me a nook, cuddle up with a book,
By a nice cosy fire - indoors!

by Christina Wiliams |
Categories: life, people, people,

Jesse Lewis

** This poem is in memory of Jesse Lewis. Jesse was a six-year old boy who died in the Sandy Hook Shooting. Jesse died while leading the other children to safety.

He rides to the place of glory.


He rides to the place of the Lord.


Jessie will sometimes act like the pint-sized Scrooge to make the angels and people laugh and smile.


He had a lot of courage and love inside of him.


Now he will go horseback riding.


Helping people ride into the gates of heaven.

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: adventure, nature, travel,

The Next Best Thing To Heaven

This is the kind of life I want to lead; calm and apart from civilization. The rat race of the city I don’t need. I’ll take this rustic part of our nation. Let me travel the land on horseback. We can ford a cool, flowing mountain stream. This is the land I love called “The Outback”; the next best thing to heaven it would seem.

by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: lost love, remember, river, summer, wind, , western,

One Horseshoe

When western winds in my ear sing
The memories of rivers bring
A horseman

Cut of rough land and bronze timber
Surefooted walk, lean and limber

I fumbled where he was at ease
Our hands would touch in flirty tease
Of horseplay

Through golden grass, me and my guy
Galloping free to chase the sky
On horseback

Now, in my city life, I keep
Over my bed, to grace my sleep
One horseshoe.


For "Compounding the Verse" contest
Sponsor: Joseph May

by Kurt Philip Behm |
Categories: god,

The Prize

The politics of religion,
its statues on fire
All martyred saints burning
in canonized pyre

As cardinals of vengeance
seek new hearts to be stoned
Inquisitors ramble,
the Creator on loan

The religion of politics,
 papal decrees
Guilt laden promises,
 salvationists fee

Crusaders on horseback,
twelve Apostles alone
Which is more dangerous,
the Word or the throne


“Raise the curtain—praise the Lord,
  darkness censures fast
Faith though blind, still hope to find,
beyond iconoclasts

“With eyes wide open, see the light,
all else to render lies
His love unending, given free,
eternal life the prize”

(The New Room: April, 2022)

by Madeline De Candia |
Categories: loveme, time,

Do You Remember

Do you remember
Or has time erased the memory

You and me at the time we met
On motorcycle or on horseback
Up all night, you telling me stories

Real love was growing
Even as you fought it
Man and woman coming together as one
Endearing and enduring love
Manifesting itself over time
By dedication, passion, learning, working together
Every day, especially when we encounter struggles
Real people, real love, you and me

by Victor Bett |
Categories: adventure, africa,

I Love U Boo

How does it feel to love
A gentle one, a dove
It feels like hands inside glove
To find one its rough
And you have to rove
On horseback, hove
I love u boo

by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, education, funny, imagination, visionary,

I'M Just Jousting Around With You

mounted warrior
                                                             lance ahead
                                                                Charge  !     {LOL}

Entry for  
Deborah Simpson's
 Medieval's Contest

Just Gotta Love 
A Guy On Horseback

by Jolanta Gradowicz |
Categories: love, day, day, me,

On a White Horse

Some day you’ll appear on a white horse.
I’ll see you on a horseback from afar.
You’ll dismount it and I’ll hear your voice,
“Lady, you dazzled me like the brightest star...” 

I’ll lower my eyes, burning with shame
And give you my silk lacy handkerchief.
“Lady, could you tell me your name?”
I’ll raise my head, though I’ll be stunned a bit...

You and your horse will be very tired,
So I’ll offer my castle to you,
Though my burning cheeks will be still red,
Though the sudden feeling will be quite new...

Some day you’ll appear on a white horse.
I’ll see you on a horseback from afar.
This day I’ll find my life-giving source.
But today I still don’t know where you are...

by Robert James Liguori |
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Motion of Love

Running up the stairs, riding horseback,
A looping curvilinear boomerang.
You and I let’s start the motion of soft attack.
Riding in a rollercoaster along the heated tracks.

Oscillating like a pendulum and the flapping of bird’s wings.
Let’s vibrate through the night like freshly struck guitar strings.
Together we will be a rocking chair,
While rotating like the Earth channeling a jet stream of air.

Crazied, like stirred up dust of Brownian motion,
Or the changing rhythms of water in the ocean.
Let’s take the night by surprise,
And with the motion, we will ride!

by Emmanuel Balele |
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He Touched Me

in my troubled times
in those cold days
i saw the Lord
like a knight in shining armour
the Lord took flight
on the back of a horse
with His strong right hand
He took me by the hand
and placed me on a horseback
like an eagle with strong feet
the Lord took me by my shoulders
and devoured my adversary
something happened 
when He laid down His hand
in order to carry me
through the troubled waters
from then on, i knew
He touched me.

by Christopher Allen |
Categories: adventure, analogy,

I Wish I Was a Bangladeshi Chef

I am handed a bottle of wine 
I am told it's French and then, well, that's it

I offer my son another mint
He'll one day discover mint sauce

I'm drinking yoghurt out of a glass
I'm annoyed at the hotel buffet

The fried eggs have all gone
The chef can't keep up 

I offer my services behind the counter
I hear the waiter changing his accent with different customers (again)

Love waffles
A bowl of stupid

Liquid breakfast
Eat my shorts

But there was man
Who wanted a statue of himself
In his hometown
On horseback
In the nude

Name a bus shelter after me