Love Poem: The Prize
Kurt Philip Behm Avatar
Written by: Kurt Philip Behm

The Prize

The politics of religion,
its statues on fire
All martyred saints burning
in canonized pyre

As cardinals of vengeance
seek new hearts to be stoned
Inquisitors ramble,
the Creator on loan

The religion of politics,
 papal decrees
Guilt laden promises,
 salvationists fee

Crusaders on horseback,
twelve Apostles alone
Which is more dangerous,
the Word or the throne


“Raise the curtain—praise the Lord,
  darkness censures fast
Faith though blind, still hope to find,
beyond iconoclasts

“With eyes wide open, see the light,
all else to render lies
His love unending, given free,
eternal life the prize”

(The New Room: April, 2022)