Love Poems About Horrendous or Horrendous Love Poems
by Matthew Anish |
Categories: holocaust, hope, humanity,

Hope For Humanity

Just read a tale of 
   a horrendous murder in California
Makes one lose faith in humanity
My uncle saw the 
   death camps in 
Europe during World War ll
  Also shakes one's faith in humanity 
Yet, I believe 
  that out out of the 
a phoenix will appear 
    and fly upward 
and as it soars 
   it will sprinkle 
love dust 
   on those on the 
     and leave kindness 
and laughter 
   in its wake

by Terry Shuff |
Categories: dedication, love, poetry,

The Quest

Some say 'I can't find the words'
the challenge is to great.
For expressing their hearts cravings
or horrendous fears at gate.
Surely words exist,sufficient for the role
insufficientes for poets,on us they have no hold.
Compelling quest of passion,for jewels that speak so pure
yes dignified and lofty, nobility of words.
To satisfy our hearts demands
our quest reaps joy and pain.
We know our love of poetry
will never in vain.

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: animals, love, nature, , Lullaby,

I Miss - 3

Hearing the bleating of a newborn Mountain Goat 
Hooing of the Bear, watching him against the pine, scratching his coat
Helping the Eaglet, with an awk to its mother to bring back to the nest
Horrendous roar of the Catamont before he lays down to rest
Hungry Squirrels and Chipmunks foraging for the bleak winter ahead
Hearing the Sounds of Nature singing lullabys in my head

by Theresa A.K.A. Reecie |
Categories: nostalgia, peace,

Sweet Dreams

Right path
Do not run
Given strength
We'll get hurt
You will learn
The world spins
Never shifting
Just to think
All will end
Looking down
Shaking fingers
Holding dreams
Forward once
Back thrice
Relationship trends
Find out
Giving up
Tired strength
Purposely always
Bouts of
Black and blue
Nighty night
I love stars


by Deb M |
Categories: fun, humor,

A Special Name

In these horrendous troubled times 
Our anchored, heavy hearts weigh a ton
So,I thought something light hearted, maybe a bit of fun?

Our loved ones often have endearing names for us
Which is special,funny ,unique
For example… my husband has always called me “Sweet”!

There are Honey, Darling, Babe,…. just to mention a few
There are also quirky, silly, funny ones
Does this apply to you?

If you have heard or have a good one
That you are happy to declare
I would really love to hear it my ” Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear”!!

by Kay Roberts |
Categories: angst, forgiveness, freedom,


Shrouded in darkness,
Oblivious to the cold,
Thoughts of Demons,
Beginning to take hold.
Joyful memories,
A luxury from the past,
Lucifer stole them,
His shame he did cast.
Love and passion,
No longer exist,
Horrendous pain,
Is next on the list.
Paranoia and self-hatred,
Uncertainty and doubt,
Locked deep inside,
It’s time to let them out.
Express emotions,
Don’t sweat the consequence,
Take time to heal,
Set a precedence.

by Roxie Perry |
Categories: conflict, emotions, father, hurt, pain, poetry,

Where Frozen Embers Still Burn

I sat down to see
my past looking at me

My soul had a yearning
for embers still burning

My eyes grew wet
from years of regret

The love that I seek
leaves my heart weak

The father I needed
with pleas left unheeded

Take away the pain
left in his name

Wash away the memory
of the fear he gave to me

Frozen in time
with his horrendous crime

by Cecil Hickman |
Categories: faith, history, life, people, philosophy, religion, socialfaith,

No Extreme Faith

Extreme faith is not what our Lord desires.
Anger begets anger if you lend to bleed.
Destruction in the name of Heaven’s choirs,

There is no justification for any seed.
What treasure will be witnessed actually?
When will the bigotry end for any deed?

There are no holy wars to fight rationally.
Burning of any book is so horrendous.
Our faith is of love ever so exponentially.

Why would we want to become portentous?

by Kay Roberts |
Categories: heartbreak,


Broken hearts,
Shattered dreams,
Souls in pieces,
Ripped at the seams.
Pointless battles,
Fought in vain,
Unrequited love,
Horrendous pain.
Hurtful words,
From a vicious mind,
This is life,
It can be unkind.

by Krissy Ward |
Categories: angst, confusion, happiness, love, passion, sad,


Sweet, sweet betrayal;
The horrendous pain of relief.
What God or higher power 
Has granted such a blessed curse?
Wonderful loss;
The world begins to turn again,
The cycle resumes.
Love and all it brings
Can omce again be
Fully appreciated.
All distraction is quelled
And the nest is peaceful,
Awaiting the gift of life.
Love is granted to the deserving:
My true love, my child,
And my beautiful angel in heaven.
All is well...
Wonderful, chaotic peace.

by Rebecca Koch |
Categories: day, death, love, peace, today, war,


Today is a new day.
A day to love and be loved.
A day to enjoy each other's company.
Today is a new day.
A day for war and death.
A day to die in the most horrendous way possible or...
A day to live in peace.
A day to respect each other and to take each other for who they are and who we are.
This is a day to live.

by Isaac Werner |
Categories: abortion, analogy, angel, devotion, romance, winter, youth,

Seven of Cups: Reversed

I kissed your cheek in front of them all, and in doing so, I think I damned the both of us. 

You, to be left crucified and bleeding and paying for my sins. 

Me, to be left wandering and wanting and never to see your face again. 

So, I watch Rome fall. We both watch Rome fall, televised through the stained glass windows of this neglected place of worship. I can only see the red, the blood. 

"You are something awful, something so horrendous that I cannot even say..." 

Break my ribs and dive your hands into my chest, feel the beating of my heart. Oh, how it both beats for you and show that life isn't always warm. 

"...cannot even say that I love you."

by Crystal Wilkins |
Categories: depression, loss, lost loveworld, life, love,


this love was everything
Mine love meant nothing
this was love was pure
My love was tainted
Our world was perfect
My world was horrendous 
We were made for each other
I was made for no purpose
Our life together was filled with joy
My life is empty
but it doesn't matter
because now you're gone...

for good.