Love Poem: Seven of Cups: Reversed
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Written by: Isaac Werner

Seven of Cups: Reversed

I kissed your cheek in front of them all, and in doing so, I think I damned the both of us. 

You, to be left crucified and bleeding and paying for my sins. 

Me, to be left wandering and wanting and never to see your face again. 

So, I watch Rome fall. We both watch Rome fall, televised through the stained glass windows of this neglected place of worship. I can only see the red, the blood. 

"You are something awful, something so horrendous that I cannot even say..." 

Break my ribs and dive your hands into my chest, feel the beating of my heart. Oh, how it both beats for you and show that life isn't always warm. 

"...cannot even say that I love you."