Love Poems About Horizontally or Horizontally Love Poems
by John Smith |
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Butt Man

A boob man I could be.
Yours do titillate me,  
so jiggly and bouncy. 
The two of them and me,
a love triangle we.

But your butt's what sends me 
skyward.  My ecstasy 
comes when I get to see 
that vertical cleft be 
creased horizontally.  

Those two mounds' little 'v' 
that sits like a cherry 
on a Sundae ought be 
against some law.  A 'Pee- 
ping Tom' it entraps me. 
Odd parts entice.  Dimply 
knees charm, and those curvy 
flanks get me all squeezie. 
But you bent overly; 
Wow! That's pure poetry. 

*2nd place in F Hererra's contest 'Erotica' 11/30/11.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: confusion, humorous,

A Spitting Image

Okay I saw your spitting image today! Tried to give her a real big hug She was your utter and absolute clone my love Came so close to getting slugged Thought there was really only one of you With your bubbly personality Will check a lot more closely next time Could have ended up horizontally Never thought two could look so alike To run into her it was surely fate One of those spooky occurrences in life But her boyfriend set me straight Uncanny is a very good word to describe it Weird is another word that fits She even had a luscious body like yours And your gorgeous 34B... uh... eyes! © Jack Ellison 2013

by Akere Victor |
Categories: lost lovelove,

Storm in love

This poem is just invented by me and I call it TOPAKALLUS.
The instructions are: You read it horizontal and vertical

Like this:

   1             2               3          4
1 Storm     come           to         go
2 In           love         never      lost
3 Love     making       say        oh
4 Stop       haste           no       lust

For example: 1 horizontally is "Storm come to go"
                      1 vertically is     "Storm in love stop"
So i want all readers to read it horizontally and vertically each line its call TOPAKALLUS