Love Poems About Hopefuls or Hopefuls Love Poems
by Lekau Mamabolo |
Categories: philosophy, spiritual,


Captivated by awed silence
Circling through streets of wiseland
Within old silent jungle
A city of one thousand people
Judged by symbol of love,
Burning in their eyes,
And I noticed germ of wisdom,
Grazing like flock of sheep
Within fields of their lives;
In the corridor of wiseland
Away from wolves and hyenas' world
A city of one thousand hopefuls
Everyone marching with dignified peace,
Touching my sense of belonging positively
To rise and begin sharing good news
That there could never be a better thing,
Than peace, truth and everlasting love

by Edison Okoth |
Categories: forgiveness, lost, lost,

Lost For Too Long

I was lost for too long,
Left thee to the tempest alone,
With no love, I was long gone

I was tied by duties of salvation,
Salvation of mine soul and those of others,
Abandoned thee and the little hopefuls

I almost forgot that you exist,
Yet I made the sacrosanct declaration,
To be by thy side

Would you please understand,
Would you please forgive,
-The world's given me duty-

My hands are chained ,
To a world far away,
From thy embrace and care

Less oft do we share,
The fire boiling within,
The vapour soon vanishes

The incessant wails of souls in pain,
And the mere sight of red,
Kills the person within my form

Never know when I wilt be lost again.

by Skyy Allen |
Categories: passionlove, men,

The Witching Hour

Losing sleep, afraid of the beast I will become
Tossing & turning between love stained sheets
Consumed with passion; undefiled passion

Hungering for a love to devour: a fire I can consume
Howling at the moon, no sooner do I become a wolf

Chasing unsuspecting hopefuls, hunting love-drunk devotees
Dragging men into my bed, there I sink my teeth into their benediction
Lapping up milk & sweat during the matinee of friction

Lost within the witching-hour, to awaken with no recollection
Of the collection of men between my teeth.

by Michael Degenhardt |
Categories: daughter, motherjoy,

Their Time

There they sat, together, the mother and daughter
Reading the writes of many hopefuls, many poets
With eyes widening, together they share the joy of words
They share the joy of laughter, togetherness and love
Together, the share of each other, a moment of perfection
For no other moment could steal away such a pleasure
As this morning brings two hearts closer forever

by R. B. Cawis |
Categories: heaven,

Heaven -

Holy place above stars 
Heals all wounds and all scars 
Happy winds gently blow 
Hearts do love with full glow 
Hopefuls dwell joyfully 
Heroes live peacefully
Heaven is harmony 

H or R Pleiades Poetry Contest 
1st place