Love Poem: Lost For Too Long
Edison Okoth Avatar
Written by: Edison Okoth

Lost For Too Long

I was lost for too long,
Left thee to the tempest alone,
With no love, I was long gone

I was tied by duties of salvation,
Salvation of mine soul and those of others,
Abandoned thee and the little hopefuls

I almost forgot that you exist,
Yet I made the sacrosanct declaration,
To be by thy side

Would you please understand,
Would you please forgive,
-The world's given me duty-

My hands are chained ,
To a world far away,
From thy embrace and care

Less oft do we share,
The fire boiling within,
The vapour soon vanishes

The incessant wails of souls in pain,
And the mere sight of red,
Kills the person within my form

Never know when I wilt be lost again.