Love Poems About Hooray or Hooray Love Poems
by Paula Goldsmith |
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I love you.
I hate you.
This week,
I love you,
This week,
I hate you.
Can this go on,
it has for years.
This love hate relationship,
is now over.
I am kicking you to the curb,
to the trash can you must go.
Did you figure me out,
I am your bathroom scale.
Hooray~you are gone.

by Liz Labadie-Reilly |
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Ode To the Tomato

Thought to first originate in Peru,
It’s a true tomato  fact,
oval or round,  and juicy too
from beefsteak to compact.
Tomato!  be you red or green,
nutritionally you are boss,
whether topping a salad like a queen
or at the heart of pasta sauce.
Without you, ketchup would be taboo,
 saucy salsa you wouldn’t see
marinara, we’d have to do without,	
you’re  the soul of  the  BLT.
Cousin to the eggplant,
you grow on vines above,
in France they honor you by name,
known as the “apple of love”,
So Hooray for you sweet,seedy fruit
let us  all  stop and pause,
to  honor the rich ripe goodness you bring
with a hearty round of applause!

by Nancy Jones |
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Big Life Questions

What does "I love you" mean?

Why is "does" spelled that way?

Who makes the rules and by what authority?

Where is where?

and the most pernicious (in my experience)


dancy dancy dance dance yippee hoorah hooray


How come????


by Theresa Cw |
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Evie's Boston Cream Pie

Evie's Boston Cream Pie

Evie's Boston Cream Pie is so heavenly to eat I can't deny
She's the greatest cook that I dearly know of
Her cooking even goes beyond heaven's door
Makes my mouth still wanting more, more
Sure wish I could cook as well like her, her
She's so talented with whatever comes her way
I think, I'd love to have a big heart like her some day
Evie's Boston Cream Pie is so very scrumptious I have to say
When she bakes she makes enough to feed an army; Hooray!!!

Written: Oct. 15, 2015

by Gert Wewege |
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Happy Bithday My Son

Today you are ten
So i must use my pen
I cant put much in your den
But saying I love you, amen

I just have enough fingers to count
All the years of joy your life has amount
To what daddy can for account
That you are the best at no discount

Everyday with out you
Gets daddy really blue
But today is a new
And time with you is long overdue

You are my only son
Loving you cant be undone
Your love shine like the sun
And i know i already won

So i wish you a happy birthday
And i shout hip hip hooray
I'll never be too far away
And will always be here on your magic day

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
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The Clowns Are Coming-Nursery Rhyme

The clowns are coming! The circus starts today.
There'll be hot dogs and cotton candy-hooray!
With balloons of every color, puppets and games,
And so many animals that the brave people tame!

I love to watch jugglers and the man jumping rope,
And they'll have lots of fun rides there, I hope.
But mostly I want to see the funny, funny clowns,
With pink hair and red noses, always falling down!

Written on 4/19/2021
For: Nursery Rhyme 5 Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Eve Roper

by Don Johnson |
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Love love might be what you think it may, or time to spend with, owed today, perchamce its written fore we come, is this your part young tweedledum? preplanned a mission hey... thinks..the..stumble-bum, slipped in subtle quip hooray :{ Don do we have attracting love contracts before birth, hence the fatal attraction.

by Reason A. Poteet |
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A Lullaby

Breathe deeply,  dear, my sleepyhead
love hovers ‘round you during sleep.
Now close your eyes, don’t make a peep,
release that frown, your prayers all said.

Your toys will nap while you’re at rest.
Inside your mind, sweet dreams sashay
and starlight twinkles clap hooray.
When day is done, the night is blessed.

Your Papa's watching at the door
attacking trolls with all his might.
Your blanket holds you thru the night
and pillows listen to you snore.

God stays awake after you pray
as Nana sings this lullaby.
We care for you, dear sweetie pie;
when you wake up … 

(Nana falls asleep)

by Rob Carter |
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It's Harry Potter Day

Its book day at school
My son's all excited
He can dress up in character
From his favourite book
"Hooray" he says
"I'll go as Harry Potter"
"Hmmm are you sure"
"Yes daddy, it's dress up day"
"But Harry Potter" I say
"I love it" he says
"You love the films you mean"
"Yes I love them" he says
"Its book character day though"
"Are there Harry Potter books?" he says
"Yes but you've not read them"
Oh well, too late now I sigh
Costume's bought, friends told
No going back now.....
Just hope he's not asked about the books
Instead with a bit of luck
The teacher can ask the other Harry Potters.….….
Yes, there's three of them!!!
Bet they've not read the books either

by Phillip Garcia |
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Valentine Shmalentine

When I do read the cards that sell like meth,
And see the crap men buy in hopes they’ll get laid;
When I behold the roses plucked to their death,
And wilted droops of petals proudly displayed;
When candy aisles I see are stocked with lies,
Which come in fancy boxes priced to sell,
And single broads in need of comfort supplies
Who on romantic nights feel lonely as hell;
Then of misfortune do I celebrate,
That I’ll not have to care about the day,
Since all my love the ex did confiscate
And spared me tons of stuff I hate - Hooray!
   It’s nothing ‘gainst our friend, St. Valentine,
   But less his holiday we’d be just fine.


by Caren Krutsinger |
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You Could Be a Bus Driver

Hey, you could be a bus driver!
And do you have nerves of steel?
Can you drive while people scream?
Are you awake at five?
Do children mind you?
Do you love kids?

by Sandra Haight |
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This Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day Heart to heart always we two joined as one golden times or bad stormy days or sun Til our time is done Our lives well spent sans gloomy fears valentines shared fifty-nine years Toast this day with our kiss big hooray! Old hearts restart Love Sandra M. Haight ~3rd Place~ Contest: Valentine - Form D Sponsor: Broken Wings Form: Diminished Hexaverse Judged: 01/20/2017

by Abdul Malik |
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Hooray! Hooray!!
Amazingly exuberant happiness
Palpitating from my 
Pounding crazy heart
Imbuing latent and
Nascent feeling of love with
Extreme exhilaration--
Sans grief and woe--
Scrumptious jolly ho oh!

~Abdul Malik / 12/14/15
~Happiness Acrostic contest by John Hamilton

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: animal, hilarious,

The Zoo

The Zoo.
Love it!
Hooray! Hippity Dippity Snippity Rippity Hooray!
The Zoo?
Love to go.
Feeling dance-y and prancey, giddy and diddy.
The zoo!
Where else can you go 
where the gorillas
throw their feces at you?

by Elizabeth Kinch |
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The Secret

I have a secret
Bubbling away inside,
A very special secret
In one I can't confide.

My daughter knows this secret,
She was the one to share
And I've promised that I'll keep it
Although I'm dying to declare.

This secret is so special
We talk about it every day,
Just her and I together,
Thrilled in every way.

This bond is so amazing,
I'm privileged to be her mum
I love her very much
And I love what is to come.

My prayers have been answered,
Soon I'll be able to say,
My daughter's having a baby,
Hip, hip, hip, hooray.

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Memorial Day Cheer

He is a boy scout, taught to be honest and true.
She is his aunt, living a life of red, white and blue.
They are in church to honor the soldiers today.
US Soldiers deserve respect, love and a hip hip hooray!

by Latisha Parkinson |
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The Best Day In the Year

December the 23rd is the best day in the year
that's when for me, people sing and cheer
I celebrate my birthday on the 23rd
The best day in the year,
I'm such a lucky girl
I get a cake and presents too
Plus it's followed by an 'I love you'
I get anything I want on that day
I can get a party and a 'Hip hip hooray! '
I get presents, hugs and kisses
All from friends and relatives
All this takes place on the best day of the year
But best of all is, we can do it again when the 25th is here

by Paula Goldsmith |
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Summer With Love

S weet kisses throughout the day
U sing lotion so we do not burn on the bay
M e for you and you for me hooray
M onday is a beautiful summer's day.
E very hug takes my breath away.
R ay can we please stay

Date written: 6/23/2020
Acrostic Rhyme

3 Place     Summer Love Contest Judged:7/4/2020                               
Sponsored by: Chantelle Anne Cooke

by Jai Garg |
Categories: lifeme, me,

A Cat To Bell

Fall in love with me so I can steal your heart,
Walk my dreams that I may always think of you,
Trust me when I say sky is blue though it rains;
I am the cloud you verify as I pour.

Play with me the mouse; you cat in pursuit game.
Wily move trick flag's you’re in a circle tailspin
Each round to take I clap to hooray in joy;
Sly eyes bound to bushy fur you very own.

Should you get fierce there is always the mouse trap,
Whilst you fence the clamps I feast on the fresh cheese,
No wonder your eyes sparkle and the mouth waters,
For you, I am a mouse waiting to be caught.

Of course I can run fast for my precious life;
Bell a cat? Sure if you choose to close your eyes.

by Paula Goldsmith |
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Quote By Poet "True LOVE is kind and never hurts."
My One~Only Love~Happy Valentine's Day
with beautiful cards~flowers hooray
your kisses are from above
little wild~kind of
only me
your big bee
to my ladylove
you are my pretty truelove
lets go out in the sunshine and play
My One~Only Love~Happy Valentine's Day
Date written:1/20/2023
3 Place

by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: imagination, life, love, time,

Midnight Snack

Along the sweetness of your muse
to the window of your heart, I glided
in silent hooray; I touched and feel the skin, soft and delicate
of a sleepy, sleepy moon, in you, as you sleep 
and I, lost somewhere in your own dream, ask do/how butterflies 
make love in a starless night? Oh, I saw your grin, reaching 
for something, perhaps my desire, that I let it flow …

by Marley Marlibu |
Categories: age, appreciation, birth, dream, emotions, forgiveness, humanity,

Let It Go

I don't know anymore. I can't hope no more,
I won`t call anymore like Jehovah ain't real no more!

Life got me begging for mercy , Lamborghini mercy got them all respecting, yet his speech to heal the soul rendered annoying...
Well l do it too, shy away from the truth and dive in with the lies only to be burnt!

Learnt my lesson, now a new man. New beginnings.
Hipy hooray another year to you, treasure that nugget!
Listen , Love , Lead and forgive.

Let it go!

by Marty King |
Categories: beautiful, blessing, how i feel,

Rhyming For Kicks 2

i have a particular passion
for the extraordinary bliss of your fashion
it is my breath you take away
the pure discovery of you makes me exclaim 'HOORAY!'
i am moved to write a song
about how your love has made me strong
i am so blessed to have a view
of the beautiful display of your curvy avenue
if i had it all to do over again
i would not hesitate to go for the win
your genuine desire is so profound
you take me to higher heights of the elements of Glory Bound
i really dig the way you handle me with delicate care
the greatest blessing in my world is the unconditional love we share

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Kindergarteners Get To Shop

Five minutes before they arrive the excitement mounts
it is Wednesday, school store Day!
The children have reward money to spend!
Hooray! A marvelous day!
I love being here, ready to help.
The kindergarteners are my first two classes.
Anticipation is high.
And it is mine.
I sit and wait
Ready to greet the excited faces.
They come bouncing in, overly enthusiastic.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, valentines day,

Valentines Day Is Lonely For Some

It’s finally
Valentine’s Day
Horrible time for some
A lonely day
love of life