Love Poem: A Cat To Bell
Jai Garg Avatar
Written by: Jai Garg

A Cat To Bell

Fall in love with me so I can steal your heart,
Walk my dreams that I may always think of you,
Trust me when I say sky is blue though it rains;
I am the cloud you verify as I pour.

Play with me the mouse; you cat in pursuit game.
Wily move trick flag's you’re in a circle tailspin
Each round to take I clap to hooray in joy;
Sly eyes bound to bushy fur you very own.

Should you get fierce there is always the mouse trap,
Whilst you fence the clamps I feast on the fresh cheese,
No wonder your eyes sparkle and the mouth waters,
For you, I am a mouse waiting to be caught.

Of course I can run fast for my precious life;
Bell a cat? Sure if you choose to close your eyes.