Love Poems About Hoop or Hoop Love Poems
by Joe DiMino |
Categories: allegory, allusion, christian, god, introspection, irony, religion,

Cause And Effect Some would say so:
up in the morning with a sprint--
my court or yours?
dribble a few ideas,
toss them toward the hoop--
my foul or yours
depends on who choose
the referees,
who is keeping score,
your stadium
or your in-laws'.

We build such
huge amphitheaters,
call ourselves Lions--
even Christians forget--
Cowboys and Indians--
what good is life
without an opponent
a foe?
tell that to those in the Peace Corps,
or those battling AIDS;
what need for a God
if not for a devil?

God forgive 
our lack of love....

by Toquyen Harrell |
Categories: faith,

Got your touch

Hoop if got it

by diane henning |
Categories: life, love, music, love, music,

I woemen a Crea-tor also

Chimes of  a music box a glass Doll

Crea-tor for I am a crea=tor also and I am women

why, did you love us like that to make us a crea-tor

like you, where we your like baby dolls to dance

and sing and in bare feet and children to created like you also

what a gift to give to woemen to love that way awesome

of you and all of the love the same to you as given for you first

love us. thank you creator for I am women. the chimes

is how to sing it, the music boxes. to run in wild flowers

in hoop and bare feet to Wed, and sing to our children

of  Day we would party your brithday party  July 4th 2007

by Christy Hardy |
Categories: life, love, time, visionary,

The Outskirts Of Town

On the outskirts of town, was our family store,
old gas pumps, and planks on the floor.
Many would shop with us each week,
usually on credit, and collecting was up to me.
Hoop Chesse we would slice, and sell it by the pound,
and the bologna we sold, was the best in town.
My dad, and grand-dad stayed busy all day,
charging, and pumping never getting much pay..
Still it was the greatest life a girl could have,
working all day with my two favorite dads.

Thanks Ron for bringing back these sweet memories.

by Chaim Wilson |
Categories: blessing, for her, fun, humor, love, valentines day,

Tripped on Cupid

Tripped on Cupid
Chaim buzzes like a roving bee, "Hey, Honey!!"
Stumbling loving me..."I'll try saying it! Warm & funny":
Together, We delight in any 'Lil Thing,
Like eyeing Brookside Crocuses, purple heralds of Spring!
Can I give you a soothing back rub?
For I'm a wobbling wheel, you're my hub!!
My enamored emotional senses create the wobble,
Without you, Barbara, my life would be trouble!!
Per chance, let's dance... "Hula Hoop it",
I offer a fumble footed jig, Tripped on Cupid!

by David Smith |
Categories: age, analogy, anxiety, best friend, betrayal, hope, wisdom,

When wisdom flies the coup

The day wisdom flies the coup,
Is the day we will need to rally round hope,
And hang on tight to love with more than just rope.

Who could blame wisdom  if it decided to fly the coup,
When we don't bother to keep it in the loop,
As even lower we stoop.

I pray we can restore wisdom to the top of the heap,
Before it flies the coup,
With few in the group that can entice it back through the hoop.

by romeo naces |
Categories: hope, love, people, longing,


      with slightly slanting eyes
      and pouting purple lips,
           her face can mesmerize,
           prickle your fingertips;

      sinuous, jet-black hair
      down white, satin blouse flows;
           skin of olive sheen there,
            your hidden longing grows;

      black leather pants gleaming,
      hugging long, shapely legs,
           a hoop-style, gold earring
           in each ear your heart begs;

      bracelet spirals allure,
      rings on her fingers spin,
           you're cupid-struck for sure
           by a live mannequin !

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: allusion, analogy, conflict,


Honor truth
Settles the heart

Displaced young
They do start

Basket ballers hoops
Drops the love parts

aMERICA cuts the net
Ballers shoots the ball

Broken leg blurry eyes
Once again shoots a shoot
Drops the ball in game and love
Loses the game moves on

written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©