Love Poem: I woemen a Crea-tor also
diane henning Avatar
Written by: diane henning

I woemen a Crea-tor also

Chimes of  a music box a glass Doll

Crea-tor for I am a crea=tor also and I am women

why, did you love us like that to make us a crea-tor

like you, where we your like baby dolls to dance

and sing and in bare feet and children to created like you also

what a gift to give to woemen to love that way awesome

of you and all of the love the same to you as given for you first

love us. thank you creator for I am women. the chimes

is how to sing it, the music boxes. to run in wild flowers

in hoop and bare feet to Wed, and sing to our children

of  Day we would party your brithday party  July 4th 2007