Love Poems About Hookah or Hookah Love Poems
by Mansur Aziz |
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Intoxicaton of the Ruined Love

Afternoon is sleeping like a snake.
Crossing the hot noon of summer
she is breathing now in the bamboo-clump
which way a farmer tastes his hookah
sitting under the margin-tree in a sun-burnt field.

Afternoon spreads the burnt smell of tobacco.
The lovers of Summer, inhaling the intoxication 
of tobacco-flowers, wait for evening.
Evening, like a lane-ousted train, destroys 
the peasants’ fields 
Like the burning coals of hookah,
stars bloom in the sky.
The snake enters into a hole.
The lovers return home 
crashing their beloveds under feet 
like the filter of cigarette.

Translation: Sayeed Abubakar

by Sasa Milivojev |
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Saša Milivojev - ON A KILIM

I trembled when you were gone

Away from the terrors of time

Metal and synthetics

In the Near East

I float on a kilim

Down a gusting wind


Raises dust

Water, closer

The smoke of a hookah

That’s what we are


Something's breathing

It’s me

It’s you

We are lost


Saša Milivojev

by Sasa Milivojev |
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Saša Milivojev - SUNSET

God is sleeping
I hug the sun
In the orange sky
The magnet is playing
Orange hookah
The muddy water of the Nile
A secret
An echo of silence is heard
Fingers on lips
A thought
Pyramid in the chest
Shiny steel
A touch
Like a mummy
I fell asleep
Among red corals
And God is awakening


by Saša Milivojev