Love Poem: Intoxicaton of the Ruined Love
Mansur Aziz Avatar
Written by: Mansur Aziz

Intoxicaton of the Ruined Love

Afternoon is sleeping like a snake.
Crossing the hot noon of summer
she is breathing now in the bamboo-clump
which way a farmer tastes his hookah
sitting under the margin-tree in a sun-burnt field.

Afternoon spreads the burnt smell of tobacco.
The lovers of Summer, inhaling the intoxication 
of tobacco-flowers, wait for evening.
Evening, like a lane-ousted train, destroys 
the peasants’ fields 
Like the burning coals of hookah,
stars bloom in the sky.
The snake enters into a hole.
The lovers return home 
crashing their beloveds under feet 
like the filter of cigarette.

Translation: Sayeed Abubakar