Love Poems About Hoof or Hoof Love Poems
by John Gondolf |
Categories: loneliness, lost love, love, wind,

Beware, the Wayward Heart

The wayward wind forever so aloof
across the prairie blowing wild and free;
just like a herd of horses on the hoof,
and running loose with nature’s grand esprit.

A restless spirit is this wayward child
who’s never satisfied in just one place;
she longs to solve the secrets of the wild,
and ne’er her ventured steps will she retrace.

A wayward heart is like the wayward wind,
forever restless, always on the move,
and always searching, seeking, ne’er chagrined;
she’ll leave you lonely and her love disprove.  

Beware, before you carelessly depart,
don't wrap your love around a wayward heart.

January 8, 2020

by John Allen |
Categories: death,

Epitaph for the Hero--Wallace

Here I lay my soul to rest
in life I fought to pass the test
In the end I failed you not
but your love was for another and cheaply bought
so many wrongs i righted with my sword
its edge dulled upon your word
my shield broke when you tore my heart
but i stayed and played my part
no armor or buckler made so strong
could ever right your unfaithful wrong
of that i lay here as proof
a fallen fool under love's deceiving hoof

by Alan L Boles |
Categories: dream, love,

a horse at full run

a horse at full run

from the moment 
we met

from the choice 
of her words

I knew of her

I knew of her 

I knew when she
came into my 

I knew of the 
depth of the
of the love 
that she held

As I listened
to a melody
of a horse
at full run

As I heard each
breath both hers
and her Brat’s

I breathed in
the aroma of 
both her 
and her Brat’s

I felt each beat of 
their magnificent 

As he pounded 
the earth with 
his idling hoof

The smell of dried 
earth and that 
of his sweat

She calmed her
great child
with a song
and a pat

We rode until 
dawn to a 
melody of 
a horse at full run

Categories: adventure, parody, planet,

mortal coil

Mortal coil to shuffle off, up to the lord, almighty God, have that bridge, sometime to cross, ankle deep in mortal dross, never mind the bloody cost, till the veil do part, we plod, on cloven hoof , unshod, lonesome n the lost... Don Johnson thanks Carolyn love it mate canters through the gate, like a straight left to the head, we seem to suffer here ol mate, till the lord does strike us dead.... bit of a hell planet this one methinks....Don

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: fantasy, love, lust, middle school,


Let's relive that night of nebulas.
Toga night, fearless night!

With Aphrodite dancing clearly in
their sight.
Eros casts his sexual might,.

Let's dance in bewitching circles of Aegean mystery.
Only and I in a kissable, erotic synergy.

Filled to the brim, our aquamarine crystal glasses.
San Francisco has memories and absolutely no passes.

They still celebrate love each night on their roof.
I hear the pawing of their Unicorn Minerva's hoof.

Two, that chose to love under the gods' directions.
From this earth, their love, a delicate confectionary,
eternal connection!


by John lawless |
Categories: emotions, lonely, lost love, lust,

Cold Daybreak Lies

Whence comes this hoof beat pounding of my heart
such thunderous roar to overwhelm my head
reduce me to a pawn of crimson tart
return again to arms too often fled.
Perchance the scent of pheromonal lust
adrift upon the aura of her flesh
ignites once more the hope so often crushed
rekindling a love no one could bless.
Thus does she satisfy her flaming need
and with the scented hope of parting's kiss
corral once more the hobbled, tortured steed
within a heart that longs for only this.
Beware the promise of cold daybreak lies
a whisper in the heat of sated sighs.


English Sonnet Poetry Contest
N/A 2/7/2020