Love Poem: Cold Daybreak Lies
John lawless Avatar
Written by: John lawless

Cold Daybreak Lies

Whence comes this hoof beat pounding of my heart
such thunderous roar to overwhelm my head
reduce me to a pawn of crimson tart
return again to arms too often fled.
Perchance the scent of pheromonal lust
adrift upon the aura of her flesh
ignites once more the hope so often crushed
rekindling a love no one could bless.
Thus does she satisfy her flaming need
and with the scented hope of parting's kiss
corral once more the hobbled, tortured steed
within a heart that longs for only this.
Beware the promise of cold daybreak lies
a whisper in the heat of sated sighs.


English Sonnet Poetry Contest
N/A 2/7/2020