Love Poems About Honours or Honours Love Poems
by Abimbola Mosobalaje Davis |
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Serendipity, sun do smiles
European titles in mind
Royally, I was at Garros 
England, Wimbledon, my crowns
Nigh, the glory from Aussies
Arthur Ashe, the home in honour 

When honours came calling
In contrast to their aims
Love the game, win to claim
Like Masada, majestic in beauty
In its flowers engraved my name
Angel, egg, the game I play
My hands the world is laid
Serena, my name is the game

by Bernard Barclay |
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Embrace the truth, we make mistakes, hate, death, revenge, attack, anger 
Embrace the truth, atrocities the act of war no reason
Embrace the truth, this raging devastation pain and death
Embrace the truth, the cost is just to great, nobody wins
Embrace the truth, hate from both sides, leads to war
Embrace the truth, death destroys, honours heart 
Embrace the truth, open doors with love 
Embrace a better loving life 
Embrace a better giving
Embrace each others hope
Embrace hug love 
Embrace love

by Jan Oskar Hansen |
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The Boxer

The Boxer  

  He had the saddest eyes I have ever seen
  hands trembled like a drunkard`s
  after a fortnight's  bender but a dipsomaniac 
  can always have another drink
 Ali could not Parkinson`s disease saw to that
 This poet of the ring a victim of success 
 egged on too long, just another fight my love
 Honours and medal they bestowed him 
 it came too late his voice was but a whisper
 In the glade butterflies fly as he once did
 but not as fast as Mohammed Ali.

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: allegory,


Observe the face in the mirror,
Urge calm to lease a softer side;
Run now and trace the sad horror.
Mind how calm ease can hitch a ride,
Ignite the heart to know the truth;
Reap that fine wit that honours zest,
Reach with bold start the way of proof;
Outlive the hits that anchor quest,
Remind the mind of how love lives.
Instruct dear soul that sure insight,
Meet profound finds that bless and give;
Adjust the whole with true delight,
Grace fronts each stay with vibrant feel,
Entrust the way to thoughts that heal.

Leon Enriquez
01 May 2016

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,


Start in this space
Dare greet your face

Know that sure feel
Aim for fond thrill

Learn to live trust
Do what you must

Each day funds ease
Love knows fine peace

End where things end
Love seeds fine trends

Go beyond looks
Seek hidden nook

Time after time
Love feeds true rhymes

Know what you know
Heed pulse and flow

In a short while
See love fit style

Our time is brief
Transcend all grief

In that sure light
See precious sights

Dare to live well
Bold faith casts spell

Death honours life
Live beyond strife

When the end comes
Love holds the sum

Leon Enriquez
19 April 2016

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,

Mohandas Gandhi

Move with the feel of non-violence,
Opt to be free with profound heart;
Health knows what thrills grand acceptance,
Ask that you see when freedom starts;
Note that free will honours good grace,
Delight your soul with kindred kind;
Ask to now heal the wounds you face,
Seek a new whole as joy now finds.
Gather fine streams and fashion mood,
Answer the call to work things out;
Nurture the dream that shapes fond good,
Depict the fall where silence shouts;
Heed then the way love wins the race,
Intuit each day the touch of grace.

Leon Enriquez
04 May 2015

by Sidney Beck |
Categories: family

Door Wreath At Christmas


It  honours  our  door,  RED berries  showing
SHOWING the way home, lamps of the spirit  glowing
GLOWING  circle   symbolizes our FAMILY
FAMILY   is Complete – but  guests are welcomed  happily

HAPPILY made by us  with love and care
CARE  in our hearts for  those not there
THERE it  will welcome them,  recalling a  prophet
PROPHESYING  such  a crown with droplets red


For Dr. Ram  Mehta’s “WREATH”  contest
Written by Sydney  Peck

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,

Embrace Humanity

Explore the fest as gain looks grand,
Make up your mind to do what's right;
Believe the best in sincere friend,
Reap in sure kind that certain light;
Attest to truth that shows the way,
Choice flavours taste in warm pleasure;
Embrace wise proof in each new day.
Heart feeds prompt haste in full measure,
Unseen the soul makes movement brave;
Mind and body sync with feeling,
Arrive that whole true love that saves;
Note thoughts that free cheer becoming,
Intuit a space where love sums best,
Treatment in place now works grand fest,
Yes to the face that honours quest.

Leon Enriquez
03 June 2018

by Warren Marc |
Categories: love,


Be the light that shines in me,
A glimmer of stability,
Be the hope that carries me,
Protects my vulnerability,
Be the fight that lives in me,    
My unpredictability,
Be the truth that teaches me,
Show me my own humility,
Be the dark that frightens me,
Shatters my tranquility,
Be the fear that threatens me,
And cures my instability
Be the one that honours me,
With your eligibility,
Be the one that’s there for me,
Aligned in synchronicity,
Be my eyes through which I see,
Be my deepest clarity,
Be everything you need to be,
But most of all,
Love me.

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Abide clear ease
A mind at peace

Craft words of grace
To frame fond space

Draft words that tell
Of how love dwells

Sketch words that string
A touch of spring

Start with stern poise
To anchor voice

End with firm mode
That honours code

A heart that feels
Abides fine will

Leon Enriquez
05 March 2018

by Gift Gugu Mona |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, encouraging, faith, mother, poets, uplifting,

God Bless the Queen Mother: Ode To Her Majesty

God bless the Queen Mother
Grant her many years of life
We need her in our lives
Show her everlasting love
Cover her with power from Above

God bless the Queen Mother
A descendant of royalty
As she goes in and out of the city
To serve with loyalty and dignity
May she have serenity

God bless the Queen Mother
Whether down the valley or up the hill
In the battlefield, may she win
Please keep her still
As she honours your will

God bless the Queen Mother
Throughout seasons
Wherever she goes
And whatever she does
Let her be favoured

God bless the Queen Mother!

by Gwen Von Erlach Schutz |
Categories: loveautumn,


My fair Romeo is likened to an autumn leaf,
Blushing and fair.

Like the sunrise and the sunset,
I look forward to his embraces day and night.

Immortal is my love for him,
He is an intellectual of worthy repute.

A knight to champion humanity,
He honours God's kingdom with his brave deeds.

I walk with him through the Garden of Eden,
He tempts me with the forbidden fruit.

I liken him to my favorite conversation,
Enamored by his wilful ways.

Strong as a giant oak,
Each leaf a companion and friend.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,


Faith helps clear sight
To live most light

Hope is the way
To live each day

Love funds all things
To live each fling

Joy brings good cheer
Right now and here

Acts honours pact
In timeless tact

Poise firms fine choice
As grace moves voice

Live, love and laugh
To jazz your stuff

Come fund deep wit
As wonder fits

Love is but grace
That forms your face

Success is kind
With peace of mind

Leon Enriquez
02 October 2018

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,


Dance not the least
Come to life's feast

Dare to live well
Just where cheer dwells

Dream after dream
Watch love weave theme

Dwell in the light
Hope honours sight

Dust upon dust
In God we trust

Leon Enriquez
13 February 2017

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: allegory,


Cheer shades plenty
Smile looks lovely

Love loiters long
Grace makes sad strong

Feel that sure surge
Prize each deep urge

Words in good fest
Now honours zest

Smile a bit more
Let laughter spore

Embrace each flair
Watch scent fill air

Dare to just be
Wonder and spree

Smile in good time
Echoes grand chimes

Leon Enriquez
15 December 2017

by David Brown |
Categories: love,


I give you my Eyes,
A gaze resting only on you
That honours your smile
And the beauty inside you

I give you my Ears,
They yearn just to hear you 
To listen with care 
To what’s important to you

I give you my Arms,
They are here just to hold you
To make you feel loved
But never control you

I give you my Hands,
They are here to caress you
To provide you with pleasure
But not to possess you

I give you my Heart,
It beats only for you
With a love and respect
I entrust just to you

This is my Love,
Which I give freely to you
It comes without strings
And will always be true

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,

My Journey Journal

Meet moments meek that frame fond poise,
Yield in clear trance the way love grows.
Joy journeys jest as wit greets choice,
Opt thus your chance to sync with flow;
Urge precious feel to show just how,
Reap what you sow to effect cause;
Note kind goodwill right here and now,
Etch light that glows the journey bourse;
Yes to the thought of truth lovely.
Join with pure grace the passage crisp,
Observe fond lot in wise beauty;
Use flavours race in message brisk,
Rest in the light of healing grace;
Now watch soul flight through time and space,
Ask for wise sight to flood your face;
Love honours plight to sketch your place.

Leon Enriquez
18 October 2018

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Cheer channels clear such soothing sighs,
Opt precious play to gather more;
Soft succinct seer hurls healthy highs,
Meek moments may spawn profound spores;
Intuit bold quest where love moves joy,
Charm wears a style that honours quest.
Watch for the best to conjure ploy,
Apt poignant smiles dance with sure fest;
Yes seek to know that certain path,
Feel fond feelings sync with swift trance;
Ask light to show that poignant stuff,
Reap clear knowing in wonder's dance;
Echoes find voice where light streams flood,
Reach ample poise in surge of blood.

Leon Enriquez
23 July 2017

by James Watkin |
Categories: eve, light, love,

A Harmonious Swirl

Fashion house store, jeweller
Bistro, awned tasteful -
Spin out each of your light's
Burnt orange, tactful

This chill eve's way, waist-wrapped
Mists two, affianced.
For this one fine purpose;
Conspicuous doth
Show up, honours a love.
Soft, warm, now enhanced.

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: allusion,


Approach via act the poise of scope:
Meet that sure truth with love that shows,
Yield profound tact that honours hope;
Rouse fact and proof in ample flow,
Intent frames best that primal quest;
Allow pure grace to give pure sight,
Dream flavours zest to seize fine fest.
Observe grand trace of dawning light,
Feel propels thought with force of change.
Indulge and feel the way of health,
Deed textures lot with affluent range;
Ends now reveal wonder-full wealth,
Accept plenty to flood and fill,
Sense grand beauty to greet goodwill.

Leon Enriquez
27 December 2016

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,

Just Be

Be willing now
To seek know-how

Be still and see
Truth that sets free

The way of flow
Now helps you grow

Be a kind soul
That knows the whole

Be of kind heart
As blessings start

Art in sure fest
Now honours quest

Be what you see
Love that must be

Be joy laid plain
In cheery gain

Learn to just be
Thus you will see

Leon Enriquez
04 February 2018

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,

New Age Dynamics 5


New aspirations fund
The way of love truly
Beyond superficial noise
As face to face
We meet and greet 
Our destiny as one humanity
With touching devotion
To that first-cause:
Love that honours love


Leon Enriquez
03 October 2019

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Go deeper still
To know a will
That honours feel

Heed ample poise
That fashion voice
From daring choice

Prize fancy here
As laughs sign cheer
In noisy spheres

Come out to see
What make happy
Come forth to be

In a swift stride
Gain a joy ride
In purge of pride

Words tell clearly
Of proud fancy
In thoughts happy

Round and round prize
That sure surprise
Beyond thoughts wise

Look deeper friend 
To ideas grand
As love attends

Leon Enriquez
02 March 2019

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,

Emergent Light

Apt the free flow of light that heals,
Now is the time to discern grace.
Etch a prompt show of love you feel,
Meet cause for mime to sparkle trace;
Emerge with poise that honours peace,
Rise to dare brave the hurts that teach;
Glimpse your firm choice that whispers ease,
Embrace to save what love can reach;
Note plain and clear how harshness floods,
Trust your soul here when times look tough.
Love conquers fear in surge of blood,
Inform deep whole in bumps most rough;
Give your heart room to feel health grow,
Hurl love's fine blooms in floral show,
Touch helps you groom the way you know.

Leon Enriquez
18 October 2018

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: allegory,


Quatrain #806:

Feel how you feel when pain draws near,
Ask heart to heal with poise that cheers;
Claim fine goodwill that honours love,
Etch a grand zeal that lives right here.


Leon Enriquez
21 October 2018