Love Poem: My Journey Journal
Leon Enriquez Avatar
Written by: Leon Enriquez

My Journey Journal

Meet moments meek that frame fond poise,
Yield in clear trance the way love grows.
Joy journeys jest as wit greets choice,
Opt thus your chance to sync with flow;
Urge precious feel to show just how,
Reap what you sow to effect cause;
Note kind goodwill right here and now,
Etch light that glows the journey bourse;
Yes to the thought of truth lovely.
Join with pure grace the passage crisp,
Observe fond lot in wise beauty;
Use flavours race in message brisk,
Rest in the light of healing grace;
Now watch soul flight through time and space,
Ask for wise sight to flood your face;
Love honours plight to sketch your place.

Leon Enriquez
18 October 2018