Love Poems About Honored or Honored Love Poems
by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: heaven, light, truth,

The Kingdom Within Viii

You, my friend, 
are not a king or a prince 
neither are you a nobleman  
a higher or lower rank, 
you are just another poor man like me:
a citizen of perpetual want

you carry within your heart a kingdom, 
a kingdom, you very well could inherit 
with God's grace
only Lord's divine Word you choose to
listen to and follow virtue's path that  
He indicates!*

© Demetrios Trifiatis 
      29 APRIL 2020

* Was honored as POTD. 
Thank all my friends for their love and support.
Plus thank the site!

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: confidence,

Enthusiasm Is the Key

Enthusiasm is the key
To the attitude that will open doors
To your future

Enthusiasm is the ideal
You will want to strive to muster as much as possible
To live the life you want to live

To fully find your bliss
To live your most honored life
The one you set up before you arrived, be enthusiastic.

If you have learned nothing else, learn that.
Enthusiasm, faith and love.
Will open all the doors.

by Mike Hauser |
Categories: woman,


Proof is in the pudding
She's the best slice of the pie
God knew what he was doing
With this apple of his eye

She is the strength that matters
The glue that we cling to
Out loud gorgeous in her laughter
Large proportions of the truth

Morning's light that holds the daybreak
Steady in its place
The taste of morning glory
In the fragrance that she makes

Happy in the ever after 
Mystery in the clue
The way when it is made clear
Brand in the spanking new

One highly to be honored
Above all that can be found
On her love has been garnered 
In her, beauty does abound

by L. M. K. |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, earth, love,

Crushed Earth

I don't have to be
your ocean,
your sky,
your moon and stars and sun.

Just let me be the ground that carries your weight,
every move you make rearranges me.

Let me be the earth that is crushed with your heaviness,
all your steps marking over my flaws.

Please let me be honored by bearing the burden of the beauty that is you,
because in that gift I become the most beautiful me.

by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: daughter, holiday,

All That Remains

Beyond all the hard times before
Eternal and pure at the core
Beyond all the guilt and the pains
I love you is all that remains

In spite of the worry and strife
I'm honored you entered my life
In spite of the losses and gains
I love you is all that remains

There are no more debts to forgive
Nor any regrets to relive
There are no more smudges or stains
I love you is all that remains

Let richer men offer up pearls
A poor man gives this my dear girls
Just a verse that proudly exclaims
I love you is all that remains

*Written several years ago for Christmas to my three daughters who often asked, "How did you ever put up with us?"

by Christi George |
Categories: anniversary, devotion, happiness, inspirational, love, passion, wedding, life,

To My Husband

You've always been there for me
Right from the start.
Everything you do
Comes straight from the heart.

When I think of you 
My heart fills with love.
And this feeling my dear
Is what life is made of.

You've given me passion, love,
And total bliss.
And all it took
Was just one kiss.

I knew from the moment 
I first lay eyes on you
That a life without you in it 
Would just never do.

I am honored that you chose me
To be your wedded wife,
And by your side I'll stay 
For the rest of my life.

  I Love You

by Louise Riveiro - Mitchell |
Categories: devotion, faith, happiness, life, love, words, me,

You Never Said You Loved Me

You never said I love you
Yet your spirit has touched me and I know you do
 Those simple words I need not hear
 For where ever I go I feel you always near
 You live a life that's wild and free
And when I look in your eyes this gentle man I see
For those who say you're a mystery
They don't know the man I see
 For only a few are honored to see
 The special soul that lies deep within thee
And though those words I may never hear
You've shown me in many ways how much you really care
And these are what I hold dear to me
Even though you've never said you loved me

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: appreciation, assonance, desire, i love you,

In Christ Would You Be My Wife


Darling something special about you life;
Your heart and soul surrounded by the arms of Christ;
It would be and honor would be so nice;
If one day you'd be my wife;

Lovely woman in my sight;
You're a daughter of the living God;
Within your beauty, I am truly... honored
May I embrace you within the love of Christ;
With His blessing in your honor...
would be so nice;
If one day you'd be my wife;

written by James Edward Lee Sr.©2018

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 12th grade,

Clark Came Courting Loralei

Loralei’s green eyes flickered in the dark,
Noticed by males, especially Clark.

She captivated him in every way.
He reminisced about her most of the day.

Truth told, she was totally unaware.
Of his bold prowess, and that he did care.

He came courting and met her stout brothers.
Her grandma and one of her stepmothers.

They put him to work on the family farm.
Let him feed the bull without any harm.

Loralei noticed he was lots of help.
He was strong too, not like a little whelp.

Loralei and Clark promptly fell in love.
A blissful marriage honored from above.

by Susan Schebe |
Categories: dedication, miss you, mom, people, age, age, i love you,

The Woman I Never Knew

She looked like an angel
Sitting there in her bed
Everybody loved her
She had a great sense of humor
They say I am like her
I am very honored.
She was my dear mother.

She was a very sick lady.
She had tuberculosis and stomach cancer
She left me and this old world at the age of forty-five
I was age five
Mom I love you and I miss you.

by Albert Price |
Categories: family, inspirational, mother, religionlove,

An Ode To Mother

It  seems the angels were singing a song,
And their melody pleased God’s ears;
Singing of to whom such love belong,
They could subdue all pain and fears.
He asked them about who became
Possessed of a kind of love so grand.
He was told of the sweetest mortal name
That  ever satisfied the hearts of man.
The dear name “Mother” God then heard,
It giving sound to the throb of His heart,
As if such a title was that preferred,
And such a figure so  honored in classic art.
My own dear mother was second to none,
And enjoys her deserved Elysian rest.
Thus since down from heaven came the Son,
Her role and function is eternally blessed.

by Roya Zereh |
Categories: age, analogy, care, family, fantasy, fire, love,

Darling Grandmother

Darling Afghan grandmother, your weary hands narrates a somber tale
Your bowed head discloses your day by day yearning ail
You have masked your happiness deep under your time-honored veil
Oblivious-- that your offspring’s will follow your footprints-- and abide by this wretched 
Anosha Zereh

by Lei Strauss |
Categories: teacher, teachers day,

Thank You Teacher

Thank You Teacher

All sacrifices
That these people made
In everyone’s lives
Should be then honored.

“Thank you teacher!”
A gratitude
From deep within.
For they deserve…

Love, respect
Warm salute!!!

This World


by Adeshina Aladeshawe |
Categories: appreciation,

My Beautiful Nonso

How so?
Our love – a mammoth colossus
Now laid waste in tha valley’s low
Shattered glass on plastered floor
Sweet dreams gone with the night
Like hidden shadows

Oh Nonso
Our love – a mammoth colossus
Now a lethargic dance to distant drumbeats
Like dying evening roses
Without passion without glow
Like broken petals on the wind

"This poem is dedicated to all Igbo beauties I have been honored to meet and perhaps love at different points in my life- Africa is Beautiful and Igbo is golden."

by Omar Hachmi |
Categories: absence, august, creation, culture, death of a friend, desire, devotion,


I am honored to extend my personal creations each lovers of articles and thoughts and love letters that  pin up my blog, which I will start publishing the establishment of God's creations that I typed. 

Author: Omar Hachmi 
Age: 17 years 
City: Rachidia (Morocco) 
Level mode: the final year of the baccalaureate

Author : Omar Hachmi

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: love,

Intimate Sonnet

Nothing is more intimate than the eyes
To pursue love in the depth of round orbs 
Then descend as invitation complies
To find a softer realm love can absorb
The truest distance is measured between
When our eyes warmly meet in their silence
As honored guests ushered when eyes convene
With due respect and sense of compliance
Aware of love's status with eyes open
A welcomed gesture we gave without fear
We'll enter with a sense of wealth again
And find truth is held worthy to revere

When eyes answer with sensual replies
Nothing is more intimate that abides


by Stephen Crenshaw |
Categories: 12th grade, 1st grade, addiction, america, anti bullying, appreciation, art,


Tell me sweetheart that I am not unkind when being sweet to you is on my mind!!!! I think of sucking your sweet breast,and I think of that all of the time!I think of your sweet breast all of the time,and how your sweet breast quiets my mind!!! To war and arms I must fly,as duty calls!!!!  The truth is that I have a new mistress now! She is your first foe in the field of love,and with a stronger faith I embrace her: She has a plane,a car,a boat,a house and plenty of money,and she calls me honey!!!!! Yet this is what you also adore! I could not love you,dear,so much! "Loved"
"Honored"and dishonesty is at the door!!!!!

by Christy Stover |
Categories: addiction, love hurts,

Loyalty Bleeding

each kiss is a tear
every touch a blood drop
breeding pain and fear
from bottom to top
    our brutal love
    rages on and on
    beneath heaven above
    above sweetness come and gone
darkest night falls down
hitting with a resounding thud
in your arms I drown
in an abyss of evil crud
    your abundance of addictions
    and multitudes of lies
    all of love's afflictions
    can be seen in my eyes
but no matter how absurd
I have made the vows
that must be honored
the forevers and the nows

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beautiful, blessing, destiny, dream, flower, love,


Our very life's true gifts 
They become deeply touched 
Honored by those around us the blessing 

Measured inside good deeds radiate gem purity 
Flowers in the meadows solely beloved 
Served at a round table equally grace shares 

Called upon the royal seals approval bows 
Unconditional always holds truth bonded 
United under a white flag halo of unity
Carried with one dove fig of Eden grows strong  
Hope changes to a golden path paved with jewels 
Forged upon the walls adorning seed grows
Painted with ink light shades over darkness 
Crimson signs our heavenly deal sacred 
An open book loves even those filled with hate 
In the end we all join hands together loved

by Deb Wilson |
Categories: funny

Gotta Love Her

Not the brightest bulb in the pack I'll have you know
A real beauty but her brain was slow
Her thinking was jumbled don't you see
Thought Meow Mix was a cat cd
Was honored to be on the Jerry Springer Show !

                                                  ** for the Giggles contest

by Richard Tarr |
Categories: father,

Baby On the Way

A new chapter has begun in the book of Tarr.
This page starts a different journey then I'm 
use to. I'm excited to bring my seed into this world
I can't lie I'm scared at times. I'm still just a 
Human. I promise to you my child ill always be 
right by your side. The world is cruel today, I will
guide you through it the best I can. Your my reason
for life. I love you more then myself and your not
here yet. I will be honored to have you call me 

by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: character, christian, dedication, depression, desire, devotion, faith, family, feelings, first love, forgiveness, freedom, god, happiness, heartbroken, hope, inspiration, inspirational, international, introspection, jesus, life, love, recovery from, relationship, religion, religious, sad, sad love, sin, society, sorry, spiritual, trust, uplifting,

Please Touch Me Lord Jesus

Please Touch Me, Lord Jesus!

Please touch me, Lord Jesus! 
 I need you!
I come now, because I want 
to be with you!

 Bless me with your presence! 
 I patiently wait!
I need your now!  Before it's too late!

Touch my life with your Holy Ghost' fire!
Move me with a godly passion 
and holy desires!

Come now! And bring a revival within!
Show me your ways!  
And cleanse me from sin!

Thank you my Lord!  
For doing what you do!
I am so honored and blessed 
to know YOU!

By Jim Pemberton

by Louise Riveiro - Mitchell |
Categories: friendship, life, love, native american, heart, heart, me,

My Brave Warrior

You ask nothing in return
Yet I feel a question in your heart does burn
 Are you from my past
Are we together again at last
This is something I do not know
And the spirits fail to let me know
But you my warrior have honored me 
 And my people the Cherokee
We share a space and time
But that's all it can be
For with my heart song is where I must be
But my brave warrior know this to be true
You will always have a place in my heart
For I have a great fondness for you

by Carol Sunshine Brown |
Categories: life, loss, love, life,

Broken Hearted Cheater

She stays with her unfaithful guy
The way she was raised the reason why
Living with and loving him for half her life
He in return gives her a life full of strife
She asks herself does she love him still
But, knows in her heart she always will
Her vows she honored till death did they part
Years later her unfaithful guy died of a broken heart

Entry: This Contest~~~ It's Up To You

Written by: Carol Brown
1st Place Winner

Entered this poem in P.D.'s contest because it seems the sponsor I had written it for 
thought it needed worked on. This does happen in life but maybe I could have explained it better.(I worked so hard to get the message across)

by Anayo Oleru |
Categories: heart, memory, miss you, mom, mother, mothers day, true love,


The cycle of life would have ceased to exist,
 if there were no mothers.
Hard working they are,
Good discipliners they are,
Doctors and caregivers they are.
Praises I give to all mothers 
through all their days,
They’ve raised and fed the world always.
Light they are to the darkness of life,
To husbands they’ve become good wives.
All mothers should be honored, 
and venerated,
For these days they have been daunted.
Husband or Wife? 
Yes!!  You can get another,
But you can’t get another mother.
So let’s know and show our gratitude,
And let their very reward be in multitude.