Love Poems About Honeyed or Honeyed Love Poems
by Lin Lane |
Categories: longing,

Moonstruck Maiden

What beauty reflected in love's fair eyes,
a passion treasured beyond all measure.
As ardor stirred flames, I failed to disguise
the need in my loins ere want of pleasure.

As sweet the music I discern profound,
tis more honeyed your lips when touching mine.
Oh! My pained heart shall beckon love resound,
my moonstruck maiden, unearthly divine.

Mute, I cannot be, so near your soft breasts.
This besotted man has but scant more breath.
Grant me your pure love, not in mere request,
but with an angelic kiss 'fore my death.

I beg thee allow the stars remain bright.
Give yourself to me ere the end of night.

~    ~    ~    ~    ~
January 9th 2016

by Hiya Sharma |
Categories: deep, emotions, fantasy, first love, love, true love, wine,

Celeste Romance

I gaze at those fireflies in
your butter-sweet eyes that shine,
succulent with white lush pulp
of love's purity,

you hue my wildflower heart
with hyacinth, as we twirl
like spring-shaded tulips in
life's regal-black psalms; 

mon cherie, I wish for stars
to sequin your shimmering
wine soul and cradle comets
of faith in your fate, 

as, rubies glazed with honeyed
hibiscus and nectarine
daisies will be my pink muse,
forevermore true;

afterlife shall foretell our
lavender soliloquy
of celeste romance, whipped in
soft beige affection, 

and your coral spirit will
eternally emphasise
cherry letters as tokens
of swan-shaped twin flames.

by Donna Golden |
Categories: love, passion


Sweet the taste of honeyed lips
Upon my own, now drenched in bliss
Nectar tempting, beckoning with
Passion's most consuming kiss
Outpouring tenderness so softly
Though hearts are heavy, they alight
Engulf each thought of rationale
As we succumb to this delight
Outside nothing else exists
While this rare moment we prolong
Ceasing fight and argument, now
We give in to the siren song
The melody we play entrances
As would hypnotic pendulum
Heart strings strum forbidden dances
As it beats a savage drum
Leading up to its crescendo
The rhythm pounds erratically
Pulsing, raging, beats the tempo
Until we find our ecstasy

by Patricia Cresswell |
Categories: poetess,



i am the twisted sister of a twister
lava lady just learning to boil
my words erupt 
yes they are mine
no matter the language
age or blasphemy
i will bid and they will obey

the garnet blood of passion
be it love or otherwise 
will spread its intoxicating infusion
to heat the feeble mind to intensities
that will make the priest weep in his vows
and down in the dives where the hip grinding
sweat soaking miasma of lust cradles
blues will be reborn 

I am the queen bee dripping with honeyed pearls
she who scratches with a stick in mud 
plays keys full of white lightening
here to spread sweet hot spice
on a gray woolsock world.

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: husband, love,


Whispers in the night time,
I'm haunted by the sounds.
I try to understand them
but they speak in foreign phrase.
Perhaps the walls are whispering 
those words of long ago
when you whispered in the darkness
that you would love me forever..
I'm haunted by the sounds of night
and quiet of the days.
You have been gone for many year,
but the walls and I remember.
You called me all those honeyed names,
and whispered in my ear.
We planned for our forever
and I knew your love was true.
How could we know that our forever,
was not very far away.

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: love,

Beyond the Sea

I hold your gift of love with tender hands
and travel the perils of life with you
we'll feel sighs and tears that life demands
when our souls find a sense of love so true
in a glow that welcomes a brighter dawn
to light this realm of our love's sacred ground
when honeyed lips kiss before we've gone
and break the silence with a breathless sound
as lovers, we meet on a wondrous shore
to cross the sea of faith with hearts aglow
on winds that fill our sails forevermore
as we bask neath' the sun where love will grow
we tack upon the sea that time will chart
with a promise, that we will never part

by Sharon Tideswell |
Categories: love,

A Raven's Thirst - Part 2


Afar across cool waves on quiet shores,
beneath each rising sun her beauty grew,
as pure as falling snow, the skin she wore
aglow with radiance as sweet as dew.

Soft burnished raven tresses, black as night,
caressed her face then fell in silk cascade,
and honeyed tones adorned a voice, so light,
that echoed from blush lips in serenade.

As days and many months of time weaved on
she blossomed, as a rose of scent so rare,
yet of her many suitors she’d have none,
dismissed with gentle wave of hand so fair.

A lone and wistful silver moonlit stroll
unearths a song that strangely stirs her soul.

by Mustapha Mohammed |
Categories: angel, love,

The Angel 2

This in the greyish clouds I see
My lover's eyes like a phoenix flame
It's honeyed glow melted into me
When the mist drifted upon the plains.

A presence of calming reasssurance
That I'd suffer not this life alone
A whisper of hope,a sweet entrance
You've given in this life forlorn.

Each day brings its thorn and gloom
Each day a tear,each day a feared
Wretched,joyless,boundless doom
When mute is the springtime air.

But you've armed my heart with joy
And lipped my soul with grace
When the world sought to destroy
Your love beaming down my face.

by M. Teresa Blaylock |
Categories: friendship, life, lost love, love, people, philosophy, social, girl,

Sonnet To Thoughtful Women

I did not wish to leave your warm embrace --
   I did not wish for our sweet love to end --
And though your chauvinism's a disgrace,
   I cannot help but see you as a friend.
Perhaps someday a sweeter girl you'll find,
   Who'll do just as you wish for her to do --
A girl who doesn't have a thoughtful mind,
   So she can focus all she is on you.
She'll nod her head, and brainlessly agree
   With anything you say, to make you smile --
She'll cook your meals and serve you honeyed tea,
   And never stop her chatter all the while;
So when your brain cells rot from lack of use,
   You've only you to blame, and no excuse.

by Melissa Gregg |
Categories: love, passion,

Flavor of Desire

Speaking honeyed endearments
Of sweetest potions
Mixed with enamored innocence
As thy lips dripped bare
My delicious desire

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, emotions, feelings, image, love, trust,

Love Evolved From Trust

Diving deep into the depths of her soul my soul melded with hers, touching its core. Smiling shyly, relinquishing control, she seductively sighed, desiring more. Flecks of sunlight gilded her honeyed locks, like spun gold gently blowing in the wind. We locked ourselves in time, no need for clocks, or forgiveness, for neither of us sinned. Our two lonely souls melded into one, there could be no I or me, only we. We no longer needed to find someone, for the moment I found her, she found me. It is no surprise love evolved from trust, but so did hope; look it up if you must. (Sonnet/ Lipogram No Letter "A") 08/06/2020

by David Smalling |
Categories: love, romance

My Tropic Night

O how I pine your lips to feel again
To sip the honeyed fountain of your youth
And let your milk wash me afresh like rain
Cuddling to its breast the wet blistered root
I want to disrobe you like night the moon
And let the drums of our drunken hearts moan
In silk sheets of wind, my desires are swoon
In the lap of memory: All I own -
My fingers lingering at the curves, keep
Deep tumults of joy, O moon, come again
The rod is green, and too erect to sleep
In this slow rise and fall of pant and pain -
I remember too, a brown, dusky light
I before you burnished ... my tropic night.

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, imagery, love, rain,

Walk Me Home In the Rain

The soft heartbeats of rain under
our silvered umbrella home.
Whispers of gentle wind colors under 
our love filled dome.

Ever in my memory this Monet
moment doth live.
Two enchanted entities who were
about to surpass love's boundaries to give.

That gardeniaed, honeyed, rainbowed,
Has made the ocean of my life crest in 
aquamarine,charmed, forever, tenderness.

                Poem # 5

by Terry Miller |
Categories: love,

Before You

I never noticed diamonds in the sky before;
so mindless, let such moments pass me by before.

I never glanced a passing smile upon a face
of utter loveliness; it made me cry before.

I never hearkened such sweet, honeyed voice, so fell
upon the siren spell of Lorelei before

I never felt the brush of lips against my own
that were as soft as wings of butterfly before.

I never gave away the key that would unlock
my to heart be a caravanserai before.

I never suffered dawns sharp, stabbing agony 
of partings, sorrow pain that I could die before.

I never knew it possible to soar so high;
and why? For there was not a you and I before.

by Debra Squyres |
Categories: love, nature,

Honey Dippers

Honey Dippers bees caress petals blend sweet nectar honey comb pressing fun yummy treat tea for two honeyed sweet tasty lips delightful succulent the bees knees By: Debra Squyres 2/14/13 For: Member Contest "Ellip"

by Kate Sparks |
Categories: bereavement, blue, boy, childhood, death, dedication, flower, imagery, love, memory, mother son, remember, seasons, son,

Memories of Spring

After the lilacs have gone by,
before golden flowers bloom
we will walk through meadows
soft and blue 
and feast on bread with honey 
stolen from autumn bees 
still drunk in love with sunflowers.

After the lilacs have gone by,
before red poppies dance,
as we wake in meadows
soft with dew
you will kiss my honeyed lips
and we will walk through springs
still drunk in love with bluebells.

After the lilacs have gone by,
before brown leaves of autumn
as we remember meadows
green and new
sweet dreams will flow like honey
from a sunflower child 
with eyes the shade of bluebells

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: beautiful, kiss, love,

The Sigh

how peacefully the moon light
Passes through my window 
In quiet waves and a settling hush
That is the way mi amor
That I wish to entwine your heart

I yearn to embrace you
Just as birds cuddle in nest
When the nights of winter start
I am a prisoner of your kiss
Since your lips have touched my mouth

Such scorching lips and honeyed tongue
That delicate dart between your teeth
Tonight a kiss escapes my lips
Flowing to you in your bed
But just as it left it burst
In the air like a bubble

And turned into a sigh!

by Deborah Burch |
Categories: allegory, life, love, metaphor,

The Oak Leaf

The Oak Leaf

Tenaciously upon its bough 
The wintered, withered leaf
Sustains the Southern wind somehow
Like breakers on a reef. 

Each naked limb...a syncopate...
In "New Orleans Rag" time
And time again to abdicate 
This clinging from its clime. 

Aloft, above, abreast a hive
Of busy buzzing bees...
The taste of honey brings alive
A temporary tease;

But in the distance, thunder shouts
And lightning cracks the skies...
The circ'ling West wind joins the South's
As every leaf mound flies. 

Still sticks the withered leaf above
Like honeyed toast...cohesing love. 



by Adell Foster |
Categories: devotion, love,

Speak My Love

Speak my love of the dawn
With amber rays that grace the fields…
That our concealed dreams be now revealed
Grace mine ears with sweet praise
Of your honeyed lips

Oh, speak of love
That adorns the lands,
Take hold of mine hand ~
Flight of doves
Concede as you take command

The whispering winds stand still ~
While the blue seas touch the once placid shores;
Of this mine heart, shan’t be bored
As with rendered kiss our love’s fulfilled...

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: romance,

Love Sonnet

I love you! Your flowered eyes get bright
To see me simply walk into a room.
They follow me and keep me in their sight.
How I adore those pretty eyes in bloom.

My love, words uttered from your perfect lips
are precious pearls, fair treasures from the sea.
Each syllable in honeyed cadence drips
a nectar which is sustenance for me.

My love, you are the moon and stars to me.
I’m mellowed by your aura’s softened glow.
There is no other face I long to see.
Come lie beside me now the lights are low.

This night with you I have been dreaming of.
Let's make of this sweet night a dream, my love.

March 6, 2018 Now for Heidi Sands' Love Poem Contest

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: food, fruit,



I love eating some fruits day or night 
I like some more than others.Thats right! 
Watermelon and oranges are among the ones 
That I enjoy to eat more  than honeyed buns 
Honeydew, grapes and cherries  are so juicy and sweet 
And fruits are so  good and healthy for me and you to eat! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
Aka ladydp2000 


by Andi Abderrahmane |
Categories: loveheart, heart,

My Princess

Sweet roseate little flower
The evergreen bush princess
Dancing on a gentle breeze air
your scent in my breast nestles
to the recesses of my heart ,it travels
Dripping honeyed nectar, my blood it ripples.

Dazzling, joyous little wren
Soaring uncloudy blue skies
Deeper inside my soul
tamping down lovely fugues
turning every breath I take
a love song of yours.

Winsome, celestial little angel
heavenly wings endlessly beating
every void around roaming
bigger bit of my heart daily gaining
your image in my eyes swelling
your image, my sole known dreaming.

by Lu Loo |
Categories: romance, valentines day,

Valentine's Ellip Contest

Valentine's Ellip Contest
Sponsor: Gigno

Our first summer,
love swept
in romance.

Tender moments,
hearts were kept,
let's dance.

Honeyed tender,
I slept,
as you glanced.

Two become 
one, connect,
just one chance.

Bright orange
sun, reflect,
let's enhance.

I accept,
let's find France. 

My dear man,
you are mine,

Poetry Form: Ellip

Date Written: February 24, 2016

by Joanna Daniel |
Categories: appreciation, cool, friend,

She Walks With Me

She walks with me
Out by the sea
And I feel free

Sharing my mind
With me aligned
One of a kind

Disturbing not
My silent thought
She's my friend hot

Gentle and soft
A breath that wafts
She soars aloft

Her silken kiss
That honeyed hiss
Sweetest love bliss

She and I dance
A slow romance
Left in a trance

Round me, she twirls
My hair, she curls
Velvety swirls

Seductive tease
My senses please
She's the sea breeze

24th February 2023

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: love,

Love Amongst the Stars

It is not easy for me,
To utter sweet and honeyed words,
That you expect to hear
Each and every lively moment
Of our long-lasting existence.
And yet as we both roam,
Amongst the darkling void
Of space alight by million stars,
From nebulous clusters of rocky meteors
To hazy rings that circle unknown planets,
Kissing and hugging
Hurting and loving,
Sharing and cherishing
Eons of wonderful love,
You know that our feelings
Will never die,
Until ….
Some unexpected nova kills us all,
And then
We’ll become one.