Love Poems About Hone or Hone Love Poems
by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: adventure,

Diamonds and Piss

If they toss coal and glass.
Just chew it up and spit it out.
Every now and again you'll even find a diamond. 
Laying infinite shine to your soul smile.

So, when they sling those hateful things.
At the stained-glass window of your being.
You can clean your caliber and hone your cutlery.
or spit back a fountain of jagged love.
If you don't do something, they'll bury you alive. 
Then piss all over your busted skull.

by Bethany Chipperfield |
Categories: love, war,

Fight - If Only For Love

The gust that holds your chest, immovable pride 
From zealous ancients, to this is say farewell. 
To this ardence I despair, hone your hatchet 
But not for death, for pride, for fickle lies. 

Imploringly I should stand upon those dead comrades 
Who lie in the cultivated foreign soil: gone, dead, no more – 
To speak the words you already know;
That this is you. 

I speak for life, I make declarations for love 
Sweet, spicy tasteless love; this is the only 
Protection needed, when metallic claws invade. 
The knowledge that out there, 
Someone, somewhere ultimately will care.

by Jang Jae Yul |
Categories: december, imagery, longing, nostalgia, november, surreal, winter,


Many questions have I parried
lost love despairing hopes so daring
burdens I've carried
mistakes so blaring long though tarried

A flower born from seed through thorn
snow-flake adorn trees misty morn
memory inform past markers torn
flame of candle warm depths which warn

Years have grown child to man enthrone
patch quilt sewn knife sharp hone
white as bone field of stone
cold wind blown there alone

Scent of pines cone frost's mistletoe
soul overflow between nature's show
slow I stroll through snow long ago
nothing I owe west I row

by Theresa Stephens |
Categories: betrayal,

Love Dies

Heartbroken I try not to cry

From cruel deception you have shown

Do not attempt to justify

My love for you at last has flown

As reports from true friends to me were sent

In female company you did perform

Illicit evidence now proves  involvement

Removing wedding ring you did me harm

In flaunting single status so blatantly

Bodes marriage breakdown so evidently

No point to attempt any recompense

As your deceitful ways on me did hone

Realising it does make wise sense

For peace of mind, to be on my own.

by Ts Lewis |
Categories: desire, love,

Flavored Rain

Beauty's origination. 
An African proclamation. 
proverbs, wise words
A Mayou Angelou 
poem unheard
You're the recurrence
of sweet dreams
that fall from heaven
and form chocolate streams. 
Light after night
as autumn takes flight
Your silence I want to know
your moans I want to hone
With you, I can grow
molding my soul
like Demi Moore in Ghost.
Touch my body like pottery
move my spirit poetically 
I have a love I want to show you
 a tale to pen for you
It's sexy how you're reading me
Accepting soft eruptions
with no interruptions.  
Come talk to me
as I bathe in your
vanilla rain.  
Whisperings that linger
long after midnight.
Love by moonlight.

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,


Meet urge with surge as act funds proof,
Align mind and heart with soul passion;
Note form emerge in visual proof,
Inform clear start with bold vision;
Feelings fund zest in body cues,
Expand the zones where tact frames call;
Set course and quest to spur fond dues,
Trouble can hone skills in free fall;
Impress calm feel with image clear,
Note and distill what thought inspires;
Glimpse sure goodwill that ever steers.
Align and thrill grand form you sire,
Love sets the tone of wealth that grows,
Live voice now hones the word that shows.

Leon Enriquez
16 May 2015

by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: kiss, light, love, romance, sexy,

Busses Rule

The key to passion

Is just this:

There's NOTHING hotter

Than a kiss

Without it love

Has little chance

And nil, the hopes

Of true romance

If you're a lover


You know great kissing

Can be an Art

So hone your skills

At joining lips

It's MUCH more fun ...

Than sinking ships!

by Bill Baker |
Categories: god, life, spiritual, truth, wisdom,

Life Without End Or Eternity

Lean not on thoughts of tribulation
Hone your mind in on revelation
Think on redemption and sanctification
On your final reward and glorification

Choose Jesus Christ who died for you
And paid the penalty you were due
When life is over, the victory won
You’ll be with your savior God’s only son

Before your God, you then must stand
In view of all, you as a man
How you used the gifts bestowed
How you carried your part of the load

Did you share God’s love, follow His plan?
And give God the glory for his helping hand
No longer a body, your soul’s all a glow
You now know all there is to know

by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: animal, dog, friend, fun, nature, pets, poems,

Canine Wisdom

In all honesty I must say, you really do need more play. Playtime’s a treasure and a delight; that, nose-to-the-grindstone is a fright. Play is really time well spent, it will hone your sentience. I know you’re dying to play some ball; just one good game; we’ll be enthralled. You know, we both need exercise, our time together, should be maximized. Really, does that TV show you affection? Just have a look, in my direction. I’m here for you whenever you need; and all I ask is some love and feed. You know I keep you young-at-heart, with the canine wisdom, I impart.

by Kurtis Scott Aka Curtis Futch Jr |
Categories: confusion, funny,

Love of Money

its make you jump
and hump
and stump
with some
theyer bum
everything funny
they call you hone
they have the

by Natalie Ruby Heald |
Categories: love, me,

Music Man

Welcome home hone,
Boy it's been a while.
I' miss your love,
I missed you're smile.
Was it a year a go today?
That you left me tears,
Broken hearted, begging you to stay.

One day you came on back,
but the days went by so fast.
Do you have to leave so soon?
I guess the life of a music man,
is a difficult job to do.

The nights are so cruel,
not having you here.
Laying in our bed crying,
Dying to hold you near.
All I have are dreams of you,
and this empty bottle of beer.

When the road gets too lonely,
You will always have me to come to.
Someone who'll embrace you with 
open arms, and forever 
love you.

by Greta Veranes-Kitts |
Categories: introspection, love,

Hone the Blade

Delicate thought-streams unfold
 like a crane to a flat piece of paper.
That something so exquisite
 could come to life in this dead place.
Writing my lover's name with bloody fingers;
 waiting for you to hone another blade for me.

by Paula Larson |
Categories: faith, love,


That yesterdays of rain would yet be cloud,
and ringing bell be anthem, yet not loud.

I love thee - that all grace within a shroud
unless by thy contain, be yet resound.

If in my own faith's feeling, I am found
in yesterdays, too often - thee confound.

I love thee, still oppressing, yet exponed
to some love's intercessing, yet unknown -

Without thy lips caressing, yet unsown,
I love thee for the guessing, yet alone.

And fondness as a dressing, reaps no hone,
yet waiting - yet regressing - yet condone -

I love thee, yet investing - my soul's own!

by Joshua Lacey |
Categories: faith

Change To Jesus!

Let confusion dissipate
No longer want to just hate
Focus on Jesus - the only one
On true love you will hone!

by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: art, creation, love, words,

Baby, I Love You So






Date written: 05/23/2020

by Trevor Mcleod |
Categories: analogy,

Culm To Bare

That sex was fine or so I thought
The mask removed to plair my prott
When all along I thought was hot
was all I'd fared to bring her sot

As all I was was fair to her
and held a hone up for dare to stare
And all I'd said was killed for stlair
Dead all run down for stilt for hair

When all run down more HELP to bare
where all good reason meant to pare
Was all basht out for love despair
where all who'd think that rape was fare
Was all you ruggs who'd culm to bare

by Eugenia Fain |
Categories: love, marriage,


We've been together for many a year.
I've come to hold our love so dear.
We've come through many burdens and cares.
The passing time has dispelled many fears.
Thinking of you fills my heart with tears.

We're one flesh now,
Living out our vows.
Only death will part us anyhow.
Other separations, we won't allow.

We are only flesh and bone,
Better together and not alone.
Our relationship, we will hone.

The seeds of love have been sown.
A beautiful bond has grown.

The future is ours to hold.

When our final hour does appear,
We will sweetly take a bow.
Yet we will never be alone.
Through this earthly life, we have grown.
In heaven one another we will behold.

by Nameless Poet |
Categories: 10th grade, break up, for her, heartbroken, love, miss you, true love,

To My First Love

i think back to what we had and smile; 
 you were a perfect being
 that came to rest on my sullen bones
 a while, 
 being with you made me hone
 my good nature,
 condemn my burdens to the past,
 and while the sadness is ever present
 i choose not to resent how it ended, 
 or that it did at all:
 to have been merely a page in your story 
 was enough.

by R. B. Cawis |
Categories: love,

Late Afternoon - 8th Place

Love that came in late afternoon 
In his young eyes, a love was born 
He knew her charm would fade too soon 
And he would bear the mock and scorn 

But the young heart was persistent 
Her sweet smile tasted like sweet wine 
His love for her was consistent 
With her, he'd like to forever dine 

So, in the glow of the pitching dark 
Young and old souls sealed their love 
Stars from heaven made a spark 
The moon smiled from up above 

Against the rains and storms that came 
Their love was strong like a pillar of stone 
In years that passed, their love was the same 
Storms have made their love to hone 

8th place

by Michael Degenhardt |
Categories: friendship, lost love, on writing and wordswords,

Your Words

I read your many written words today
My mind was pulled to then
The many, lovely days we played
I wish for them again

I had to go, had much to do
A focused mind to hone
But, now I stop to think of you
And the love to which you’re prone

You may not wish to speak to me
Or then again, you might
I only wish that you could see
Your words bring me delight

So, I’ll read your words again tomorrow
And for every day there after
You’ll always chase away my sorrow
By filling my days with laughter

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: god, joy, love, wisdom,

Practicing the presence

Practice makes perfect, is an old adage
but it’s up to us to choose skills to hone,
which satisfies desires that in heart rage
and if resolve be steadfast, we will own
the magical flow, as rapture full blown.
Let us then oh wise one, choose God-connect,
pulse of love detect, let it grown unchecked,
recognising He dwells within each form,
correcting consciousness till soul’s perfect,
as formless presence tranquil in life’s storm.

by Shishir Gupta |
Categories: inspirational

Loaf To Love

She was emaciated,
smiled feebly,
her chiseled features sharpened,
in that painful effort,
she must have grimaced,
in a collasal skeletal shake,
with the effort of having to smile,
and going that mental and physical mile,
she did that and other sale tactics,
before the guy nodded her on,
she came a little later,
with a little envelope,
that had her earnings,
she moved to corner shop,
eating a loaf,
before moving on to her next hop,
there she earned her next loaf,
her loaf after loaf for dough,
went on to,
till she was dpreciated and bad,
with used parts all and new none,
I do not know at which point,
she felt love hone.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: self, spiritual, tribute,


Yes, there’s a legend of which we wish to speak,
who though remains unknown is the pulse we own,
our soul ignorant, yet touch of God does seek,
bravely facing karmic storms as of seeds sown,
though suffering, dancing with love cheek to cheek,
breath by breath choosing its consciousness to hone.
We alone know the path our soul treads upon,
shedding off ego, to be here now reborn.

by Jyoti Rathore |
Categories: crush, feelings, time, true love, trust, universe, women,

Bethi Aa

Kra ki drd lukai bethi aa
Bhre ni jkhm bs sukai bethi aa 
Tu yad na aawe ho k prai bethi aa
Tu hojwe aabad peer mnai bethi aa
Tere mere past nu sjai bethi aa
Present nal future rjayi bethi aa
Raha'n teriya ch akh nu tkai bethi aa
Kjl nal bindi v lgai bethi aa
Teri meri ik tasweer bna k aayi aa
Tu Mera hoje maape chhd rbb v mna k aayi aa
Tere lyi ik muffle bnai bethi aa
Hor ni hone ki al lnga k bethi aa
Likha ki tere te m ta tenu gaa k bethi aa 
Bhul ni hoi jdo m tere nal chaa te bethi aa
La k bethi aa pa k bethi aa
Khore oh mil ee jawe jo gwa k bethi aa

by R. B. Cawis |
Categories: memory, poetry,


Write your conquests on earth and stone 
Make your legends made to hone 
Make your story made to last 
Make it written in mold and cast 

Write your feelings of lonely and sad 
Write it, even if you are mad
Write it most if you're in love 
For, it's a gift from up above 

Write about all your frustrations 
As you write your realizations 
Let their traces give you lessons 
To use in all the coming seasons 

Write about the story of your life 
Write about your peace and strife 
Write about your crawls and walks 
Write about your stands and talks

4th place