Love Poem: Matrimony
Eugenia Fain Avatar
Written by: Eugenia Fain


We've been together for many a year.
I've come to hold our love so dear.
We've come through many burdens and cares.
The passing time has dispelled many fears.
Thinking of you fills my heart with tears.

We're one flesh now,
Living out our vows.
Only death will part us anyhow.
Other separations, we won't allow.

We are only flesh and bone,
Better together and not alone.
Our relationship, we will hone.

The seeds of love have been sown.
A beautiful bond has grown.

The future is ours to hold.

When our final hour does appear,
We will sweetly take a bow.
Yet we will never be alone.
Through this earthly life, we have grown.
In heaven one another we will behold.