Love Poems About Hon or Hon Love Poems
by Valerie Bellefleur |
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Hallmark Moments

Hallmark moments:
I like your face
Your flaxen hair
Your remind me of 
My old grey mare
You skin is soft
Your eyes are blue
But I hear you wear
A size twelve shoe
I see your mother
In your face
Remind me not 
to forget my mace
You are a special 
love, my hon
If only you didn't
weigh a ton
You are the fairest
of all maids
Its such a shame
You gave me Aids
Your Gothic look
and tasty lips
Make me want
to bring my whips
You left me on
that April day
I never dreamed 
You might be gay
You made me
You made me sigh
I never thought
you were a guy

by Janis Thompson |
Categories: emotions, love, memory,

Love Sonnet

Love Sonnet
The old heart flame that gets us in the groove,
comes when we hear or see the one we love.
It makes us hop to feet and start to move,
like nothing on this earth or ere above.

We choose it over all from first till last,	
and hope the love turns out for utmost best.
But love that fires too quick burns up too fast,
and time is still the one and true fine test.

For hearts on one accord it’s a great thing.
Now all can open up and hold their “Hon.''
To those who share it hits its height in spring,
a tide of passion, glee and just plain fun

When love and old flames often come to mind,
one stops and smiles to think of that fond time.


by Janice Herzog |
Categories: lovelove, , fate,

My Fated One

In my dreams I think of you 
And pray you're not too good to be true
Such loving, tender words you wrote for me
Is this love meant to be?

I want to try and stay asleep
Because while there, you're mine to keep
I need to know for sure
If you are my heavenly cure

Desiring love, I'll try once more
From your heart I feel love pour
While I always want to dare,
Know in my soul I'll forever care

I'm somewhat afraid to hope it's true
For I've been hurt by more than a few
Maybe you're my fated one
Sent to be my destined hon

by Billy Thekidster |
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Quick Slam

PD: "We should hang sometime? I mean, we're practically the same guy."
ME: "That is the worst slam, the worst insult I ever received in my life."
 - All in fun........-=...-=...-=....-=...=.........-=...-=...-=....-=...=..
.......-=...-=...-=....-=...=..Love ya Hon.

by Jean Murray |
Categories: absence, boyfriend, hello,

Unlucky In Love

Why am I 
unlucky in love?
I try my best
to be myself.

No one to join me
for some fun.
I'm easy going.
come on hon'.

All joking aside,
I'm all alone.
All take for granted
what I don't own.

Someone to hold me
close at night.
Someone to know
when things aren't right.

Someone to help me
with the bills.
Someone to look up to.
Someone to thrill.

Someone who gets
my weird jokes.
Someone to protect.
Someone to provoke

all my feelings
from deep inside.
All my desires.
All I hide.

I've missed out.
Are you there?
One who gets me.
One who cares.

Before I give up
step forward...
If you dare!

by Clay Robbins |
Categories: satire,

In the Woods, In the Lot

There is the sweet sound of birds that sing And then, there is the annoying cacophony of horns, HON- keen! The erratic incessant chirp and beep of cars remotely locked Makes for an eclectic electric symphony Where birds are mocked Can a Horny Yellow Wrangler find a lonsome dove? There is sadness in the single Bronco that knows no love Oh, this is just all too ***** Another horn Is sounding near... In the woods, in the lot.

by David O'Haolin Whalen |
Categories: love, passion, love, me,

Hon,There's a Big Ol' Moon Out Tonight

I know you said I can’t go bowling And you’d rather I didn’t Go out with my buddies and have a drink or two… You want me to wash And dry the dishes Cause you’ve got something else I guess, you’d really rather do Well dear, I really respect Your opinion… and love The many things You give me to do I even love the apron you gave me And you look waaaay better Wearing pants Than I do So dear, I really respect Your wisdom and I’ve got a question Or two Have you noticed The clothes line missing Lately? And the concrete blocks Missing from the front porch too? Howsabout we might go for a boat ride tonight… and Hon? Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: nostalgia,

Rock and Doris Day

Rock Hudson and Doris Day, stars way back when Doris sang like an angel, was in love with her then Was only a young'un But wanted to be her hon As for Rock, I could match him beginning to end

by Hazir Nazir |
Categories: friendship love, girlfriend, sensual, sexy, silly, sin, slavery,


Ena neyray na ho dildar vay
Vak hon lagyan takleef hundi ay.

by Alexis Olmstead |
Categories: loss, lost love, love, song-sympathy, hope, love,

Love, True Love Is Painful

The pain reflects in her eyes
He sadly says, "Hon, I'm sorry but I've got to go."
She screams in pain
She cried all night.
But now she can safely say,
I'll never make that mistake again.
I'll never have to say my heart is broken,
And that I think I'm gonna die.
Love, true love, is painful
It hurts so bad
When  you Have to say goodbye....
Love, true love, is painful
When the man you love breaks your heart.
I hope that you don't make my mistake
The men in this world cannot be trusted
I hope the man you truly love never says goodbye.
Cause I know,
Love, true love, is painful
It hurts so bad when you have to say goodbye

True love is painful
Never say Goodbye

by Larry Bradfield |
Categories: valentines day,

Love Is a Valentine

She said she'd be back sometime early Spring
It's Summer now - the days are long and hot
She's been delayed by some unforeseen thing
I'll wait, still have the Valentine I bought

I did not notice that the leaves have turned
Golds and reds cause Autumn to fill my thought
Seasons come and they go as I have learned
I can wait, for it is love is it not

I see the geese in "V" as they fly South
The snow will fall before the month is done
I recall the words that came from her mouth
"I will be back for Valentine's Day, Hon".

The years have passed and I aged as I should
Love lasted all my life - I knew it would


by Robyn Blauw |
Categories: death, life, loss, me, hate, hate, me,


I’ve kept the words
Lots of words
All the history here 

The love the laughs 
The tears the hurts
The many memories.

I miss you hon, 
I really do
I miss our times of ease

What happened here
I can’t be sure
I feel so much disease

Time will tell 
And tears will fall
Thoughts will still prevail

I know that you
Have left me now
With never another tale

I hurt you know
I’m really sad
But you don’t want to know

Your happy here
You told me so
As long as I’m ok

You don’t care  
Or want to know
When I just can’t feel free

So go you now
And leave me be
With things that you don’t see

I hate this life
I hate false friends
I hate all this dis ease

by Chaim Wilson |
Categories: anniversary, flower, giving, growth, jewish, marriage, sunshine,

Married Chai Elevating 18

Sunflower is the petal symbol,
Big round face follows the sun,
Signifies Honesty as a yellow cymbal,
Light in Truth sets free one,
Sheds light on fidelity, living loyal,
As 18 is coming of age, Love matures Hon!
18, the Chinese hold to be “prosperal”,
Past attempts weighed only a gram,
Will now weigh a ton, flourish neural!
Garnet does as 18’s stone,
Balanced intimacy levelly sensual,
Beyond a crush has attraction grown,
Giving, doing became mutual, sharing natural,
In the words of Judy Garland:
“Not in my ears, but in my heart, you whisper”,
“Not my lips, but my soul, you kissed!”
Sunflowers are drought resistant,
Reigns reciprocal kindness are dropping Rains!

by Valerie Bellefleur |
Categories: funny, care, care,

Ain'T Love Grand

I met you in the springtime
In the merry month of May
I didn't care that you were old
Or that your hair was grey

I didn't care you had no teeth
Or that you weighed a ton
I brought you flowers and candy
And then I called you 'hon.'

I didn't care you'd been in jail
For knocking off your spouse
Or that you wore an ankle bracelet
And couldn't leave your house

The fact you smoke three packs a day
And drink a quart of gin
Just made me want to leave my wife
So we could live in sin

But of all the joyous attributes
That you bestow on me
The thing I love in about you the most
Is the fact you won the lottery

by Sonya Alexander |
Categories: lost love, love, passion, heart, heart,

Loving You

I am loving you whilest i am away from you

The burning embers of love still burning true

Though time has healed the aches of sadness

Somehow my heart retain's it's gladness

To remember the days of once upon

When you were babe, and I was hon

Who can say what will linger on

Long after the moments are gone

It's not an urgency of need 

That requires my heart to concede

Love knows no timeframe or space

It is just sweet to the taste.

by Caryl Muzzey |
Categories: husband, on work and working

In His Shoes

Hon, I’m going fishing, can you mow the grass while I’m gone?
I’ve worked hard this week; I’m too tired to do the lawn.
The sun is too hot and the mower is out of gas.
Thanks hon, I’ll bring you home a big bass.

Don’t forget that tonight is my night to proclaim.
The guys will be over to watch the Braves’ game.
Hon would you be a perfect dear,
stop by the store and get some beer?

Oh, you might need to put air in the tires and check the oil;
while you are at it, have it serviced for sparks and coil.
The steering is off; you might have that checked too.
Honey, by the way, I sincerely love you.

Copyright © 2010  By Caryl S. Muzzey

by Kelley Collins |
Categories: life, loss, lost love, happy, baby, baby, happy, hope, life,

Life Changes

This life is changing as we all know,
I want a baby in my life to grow,
with this need brings choices of blue;
because,in the beginning I had no clue!
 From the first moment I was hung;
therefore,our song will never be sung!
I hope you plant this seed;
for,in your heart this is your need!
I hope you find a woman for this baby to carry;
and,be forever happy to someday marry!
 At this time,I am happy and sad,
for you,I will always be glad!
I've missed your love since our  relationship was done;
yet,I will always be thankful for you hon!

by Arum Dusu |
Categories: love, relationship,


You flow out of my lips
Like wine gushing from a fountain

You make me stare at your hips
Like the peak of a huge mountain

You tear up my eyes
With your graceful smile

You do say goodbyes
With only one dial

You turn me on
With a single kiss

You call me Hon
While I call you Miss

You are my she
And I'm your He

You're all I see
Now, this' from me...

by Don Johnson |
Categories: adventure,

Judge Not

judgement from an inferior comes, makes em feel good little one, weak as water is their dew, laugh at em make em spew, sometimes...hon Judge not hey:) yes Pd love balanced right, no more fights, evil overcome, great thoughts some, shine your light, great one.... Don

by Francis Osho |
Categories: allusion,

I Love You

i love you
te amo
ti amo
eu te amo
je t'aime
te iubesc
jag alskar dig
ich liebe dich
ik hon vanje
mei thumse pyaar karthaa
njan ninne sneehikkunnu

by Eve Roper |
Categories: grandchild, happy birthday, husband,

Happy Birthday Dear Husband

As I sit here with our grandson and gaze upon your headstone, hon, I lay a bouquet of white and pink roses for your birthday, now calm, my heart reposes. Happy Birthday my dear husband, father, and grandfather. We love and miss you. Wish you were still with us. 10/14/2019

by Angela Crabtree |
Categories: for him, love,


Your core need not mend
this love must not pretend
to be here in your arms
it never harms
I'm hanging on to fancy
if by redemption to chance be
to revel in it's magnitude
risen in it's altitude
forever not clutching embarrassment
to not agree in any settlement
that is if that deem discussion
I would tell you to hush, Hon
for there will be no heartache
no stomach turning to Aspartate

by Anita Lovelace |
Categories: introspection, sad, love,

Face the Facts

face the facts
he is not coming back
the slamming of the door
should tell you more
than his words ever do
this should be a clue
he doesn't love you
the two of you are through

face the facts
remember how he acts
when you ask him to
say I love you
he turns away
what can I say
It is over, done
the life you have begun

face the facts
get on the right track
he has someone new
that should tell you
he treated you so bad
he was all you had
let go and cry
he didn't even try

face the facts
no, don't help him pack
let him do it alone
be glad when he's gone
love breaks hearts
when it comes apart
time to start anew
hon, that's all you can do

by Janice Herzog |
Categories: love

Lifetime Love

Loving you
My heart shining through
Day and night
I pray with all my might
You, you're the one
My sexy, hot, hon

Your love filled touch
Means ever so much
Take my heart
Tell me well never part
You're the one I've always dreamed of 
For once in a lifetime love

by Fritz Purdum |
Categories: cute love, life, love, relationship, together, true love,

As Together We Grow Old

Words keep dancing in my head
as my tongue goes numb
But you know what I never said
squeezing my hand nodding hon

Words we never speak
we already know
Together we keep
a love that continues to grow

Our love was full way back when
but we discover that each other we liked
More than lovers we became lifelong friends
after years together we are woven tight

Finishing our sentences with a smile to end
sharing hobbies passions and places to go
We both like dogs and our family and friends
our hearts beat young as together we grow old.