Love Poems About Homing or Homing Love Poems
by Thabang Ngoma |
Categories: mothers day,


Her love is a hot pot of oats
Radiating all the warm colour codes
Fuel for their endless conquests
Homing for her love requests

She lends them her wiser ear
Learns them her fine wear
She imparts her keener senses
To their lesser, commonsense(s)

Go my princess, go and find your toad
Leave breadcrumbs on your chosen road
My spirit will follow your byways
My hope will guide you always

A mother to all of the big five
In the deep end, ever ready to dive
She carried all five on her back
Barefoot, blistered hard as a rock

by stranja depoet |
Categories: lost love,


In a voyage through pain
I lost my homing instincts
I'm trapped in the claws of sadness
Smothering on sorrowful violin strings
Heart not at peace
But broken into piece'
I'm enslaved in sorrow's tyranny

Embraced by pain
For I no longer have her arms
The peace in my heart slain
Still pining to her charms

I was leaving the dream
Never knew
It was meant for sleeping
I thought this love was ageless
But now I know it's lifeless

Tell whoever that said love is true
That there's no way through
It's just life's throe 
Tell whoever that said it's  'Well'
That my eyes still swim in a 'pool' of tears

by harry horsman |
Categories: death, lost,

Somebody lost someone today

(St Valentine’s day 1992)

Most Valentine poems are about love
and rightly so,
but this is a true story and needed to be told.

Somebody lost someone today.
His mangled body on the 
refinery grounds did lie.
They were working on him
Them! That win most, but
alas, they lost this one.
I use to see him every
morning, pedaling his cycle on the
dark and misty corridors
of Roscommon road, habitual
instincts homing in towards
the works chimney.
Yes somebody lost someone
today, the staidly traffic
lights just carried on,
wayfaring curiosity soon
gone, life just keeps on and
on, till tomorrow. Then!
Somebody lost someone today.

© Harry J Horsman  1992

by Robert Velves |
Categories: angst, desire, how i feel, hurt, i miss you, missing you, night,


Like a thick water,the night
Fills my cup,
And I must drink it all
Till it overflows in my soul
Oh my love..

Like a wayward spider,the night
Crawls into my skin
Like a homing spider,the night
Weaves a web within..
Oh my love..

by nekaybaw king |
Categories: love, love,


I love the way you lay hands on me.
Soft, gentle, careful kind but not like
I'm breakable no, more like I'm valuable. 
I feel something like a precious stone in 
your soft jewelers palms. 

I cherish the heat that rises from 
your body
That 98.6 degrees of you, the sound
of your heart is my homing signal. 
That steady strong thrumming keeps more than you alive.

I love you like a shape shifter, 
Id transform for you. 
I'd become anything so you could carry me with you always.

by Abdul Malik |
Categories: love,


Fantastically fickle
Rarely enduring -- ever ephemeral,
Adamantly flexible and footloose
Gregarious, vivacious and effervescent
Irresistible, insuppressible and indestructible, 
Love is all that and more…
Ever needed, ever elusive;

Homing in on fragile hearts, love
Erupts into a rousing passion and
Amplifies raw emotions
Rallying those faint at heart
To overcome an insurmountable
Sisyphean task. 


by Jeff Kyser |
Categories: bird,

Homing Pigeon

Which is it, a pigeon or dove?
We hate one; the other, we love.
Your clean car, that blob?
'Twas likely a squab,
opined likewise of you, thereof.


H/T to Gershon Wolf's Justice for All

by Paula Larson |


How can I sketch my somberness
its own reveal
I sketch it in the end of winter's
grey congeal!

As looking for some life,
some Hope to feel
I sketch my own true sadness
its ordeal!

Forgetting but by moment's pausing peel,
I sketch some risk of being ashen, steel
in knowing consequence
I sketch conceal!

Not flaunting recompense,
nor asking meal
I sketch God's mercy still
from worthless steal!

I sketch my own verbatum
toward some skill
and sketching throughout grace
remember well ~

I sketched the time of love
its homing shield
and sketched a time of tell
prophetic real!