Love Poem: Somebody lost someone today
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Written by: harry horsman

Somebody lost someone today

(St Valentine’s day 1992)

Most Valentine poems are about love
and rightly so,
but this is a true story and needed to be told.

Somebody lost someone today.
His mangled body on the 
refinery grounds did lie.
They were working on him
Them! That win most, but
alas, they lost this one.
I use to see him every
morning, pedaling his cycle on the
dark and misty corridors
of Roscommon road, habitual
instincts homing in towards
the works chimney.
Yes somebody lost someone
today, the staidly traffic
lights just carried on,
wayfaring curiosity soon
gone, life just keeps on and
on, till tomorrow. Then!
Somebody lost someone today.

© Harry J Horsman  1992