Love Poems About Homily or Homily Love Poems
by Clifford Villalon |
Categories: faith, family,

Three O'Clock

Three o'clock
Habit we watch and knock
Each day we sit, pray and lock

Thoughts we keep and hold
Hummings we chant, not mold
Restless body of the holy
Everlasting love in homily
Ending in salvation and sanctity

Our minds and bodies as one
Cloaked by the words and deeds of the One

Lasting peace in hearts and lives that adore
Over images and pictures of splendor
Christ who died on the cross
Knocks and dies at three o'clock so gross

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: health, humor,

Giggles and Grooves

I'd prefer to relish smiling, big giggles,
Than muck about in worrisome fear-wiggles.
Joy is my veritable, beautiful twin sister.
Fear, just an obnoxious, mind twister.

I prefer to love life with unending passion.
Not chasing all day, an invible, viral assassin.

I refuse to wait in line for a fine, silver coffin,
Simply because recovery is very high, death rates 
exaggerated, far too often.

I wish I could halt all the nonsensical propaganda.
That's as bizarre as me, becoming a Panda.

My song is~ to live life to the hilt, normally.
Thus ends today's fun homily!

                May 28, 2020
                   7pm PST
                 Poem # 1303

by Pita Okute |
Categories: introspection,

A Seasonal Homily

The saints are wailing again
Rhapsodies too for sinful man
Since every heart is drunken with guilt
These holy fears washing the land
Swamp the drains, flood the pond
Pastor shamed indoors since yesterlight
Makes several tries at love everlasting
Which sweet friction the springs protest
In loud parody discordant
The eaves,the tiles have ears for such
Gossip sticky wet,dripping with harm
Gladly passed on down the block
To warm the hours of restive loss
But breeze and drizzle in raucous refrain, 
Mock in harmony the lust by most
For yuppy drives and chancy grabs
When the spectral arc appearing soon
Should fill their days with gentle hope

by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: leadership, satire,

Bottom Layer of Love

Father’s love is overflowing
in this land of forgotten sorrow
He offers bottom layer of love
Top layer he says are infectious
Markets can suffer with them

For his offspring he prepares
A layer of grits, soot and dirt
At bottom of saucepan he gives
To him they fatten his children
Healthy shining children he wants

He’s amused with balloon cheeks
Happy with hanging bellies
Celebrates malnourished limbs
And clothes colonized by lice
Its colony signifies future riches

But when one shouts complains
He prepares homily to preach
To convert them to his head

by Daniel Sweatt |
Categories: angel, christian, encouraging, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,

Your Never Lonely

If only if only, your never lonely. Your voice is filled with a sweet dose of honey. A love of kindness is fit in your laundry. A cleanful spirit that brightens up the sea. Your cherished love waters the daisies. The angels hire you with a promotion of homily.Your beautiful light turns the chapter. A comedian of tricks fills the crowd with laughter. Of all these things that came to be, remember Jesus Christ is the one and only he.

by Daniel Sweatt |
Categories: blessing, care, god, heaven, jesus, paradise, peace,

You Are Here

You are here breathing out some air. You are here in the earth’s atmosphere. You are here with your families and singing a glorious song in homily. You are here taking on life’s many struggles. You are here trying to pop out your own bubble. You are here and not lost; you are here for a loving cause. Somewhere here is where you belong but somewhere out there is your forever lawn. Love is in the sky and the only way to reach it is if you give your life to Christ. Your here in a tunnel but out that tunnel comes light that dresses up for a formal. Your final dance will be there, and that is in paradise in God’s care. God Bless!