Love Poem: A Seasonal Homily
Pita Okute Avatar
Written by: Pita Okute

A Seasonal Homily

The saints are wailing again
Rhapsodies too for sinful man
Since every heart is drunken with guilt
These holy fears washing the land
Swamp the drains, flood the pond
Pastor shamed indoors since yesterlight
Makes several tries at love everlasting
Which sweet friction the springs protest
In loud parody discordant
The eaves,the tiles have ears for such
Gossip sticky wet,dripping with harm
Gladly passed on down the block
To warm the hours of restive loss
But breeze and drizzle in raucous refrain, 
Mock in harmony the lust by most
For yuppy drives and chancy grabs
When the spectral arc appearing soon
Should fill their days with gentle hope