Love Poems About Homespun or Homespun Love Poems
by Faye Gibson |
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The Face

Coyly smiling at the sun				
with brightly colored face,				
a demeanor quietly homespun			
garlanded with ruffled grace;			

wherever planted, sheds crisp cheer	
all about the garden plot,			
sophisticated peers may proudly sneer;		
bravely, she smiles on from her spot.			

Determined through the winter cold	
to continue blooming by the walk,	
I love to see her shining there;			
oh, if that simple face could talk!		

There are others, I confess,				
who possess more glorious flair;		
but, to me, in all the world of flowers	
to the pansy they cannot compare.	

Copyright, August 11, 2016	
Faye Lanham Gibson

by Susan Buchel |
Categories: family, holiday, love, pets,

Christmases Past On Mantel Hung

Christmases Past, on Mantel Hung Three stockings line the hearth, each one a "tail" of warm Christmas past, of love hand-knitted, chewed by pup!
submitted by Susan Buchel for "Christmas Stockings Tribute" Contest. Written 11/6/2011 with thanks for prodding homespun memories!

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, garden, heaven, inspiration, inspirational, peace,


Traipsing along on old dirt paths
Struggling to avoid garden wraths
Within the maze of sinuous limbs
Whispering like soft, gentle hymns

Twisting, turning, yearning for love
Lost amid blush roses sent from above
A puzzle of joys in the green branches
Covering the heart of heavenly ranches

Homespun joys sing from the bushes
Brilliant, bold colors of crimson pushes
Touching my spirit with tendrils of leaves
Caressing a wall of blooms that relieves

Trapped by the swaying of euphoric breezes
Softly enfolding my heart’s hope so it pleases

Maze - 10 Word Challenge Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: A Dear Heart
June 22, 2020

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: appreciation, autumn, creation, food,

The Best Soup

Start with potatoes, skinned and scoured Add onion and cream that has soured Season with pepper, stirring well Sprinkle in some salt and just smell! Potatoes should cook until done This is tastiness that’s homespun! Fill a bowl with soup, sit a spell Sprinkle in some salt and just smell! Couldn’t love this soup any better Best in times we wear a sweater Soup so good it’s not a hard sell Sprinkle in some salt and just smell! Start with potatoes, skinned and scoured Sprinkle in some salt and just smell!

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: husband, marriage, soulmate,


Resting in your shadow I’m moved to love completely, devoted to you Don’t let go Two who are one Together, each storm we’ll come through Homespun Our vow Time can’t undo Wow! Resting in your shadow Together, each storm we’ll come through Wow!