Love Poem: The Face
Faye Gibson Avatar
Written by: Faye Gibson

The Face

Coyly smiling at the sun				
with brightly colored face,				
a demeanor quietly homespun			
garlanded with ruffled grace;			

wherever planted, sheds crisp cheer	
all about the garden plot,			
sophisticated peers may proudly sneer;		
bravely, she smiles on from her spot.			

Determined through the winter cold	
to continue blooming by the walk,	
I love to see her shining there;			
oh, if that simple face could talk!		

There are others, I confess,				
who possess more glorious flair;		
but, to me, in all the world of flowers	
to the pansy they cannot compare.	

Copyright, August 11, 2016	
Faye Lanham Gibson