Love Poems About Hamster or Hamster Love Poems
by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: angst, grief, introspection, lost love,

The Rudiments of Wings

Time is exhausting…
    It lays in wait 
         to provoke you

pinches that part of you 
      that hurts most,
tears away 
       at your ambition,

laughs at 
     your inability 
to stand up 
         and fight
futile battles 
              that bury you.

Try to escape, 
       but like that 
little hamster 
        on its wheel
you will go 


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The Rudiments of Wings

by Neal Freeland |
Categories: animals, childhood, love, red, red,

Swift Red Furred Little Creature

He was a little red furred devil
	Into this, into that
He was a little red ball of fun
	Into this, into that

He was a tiny red speed demon
	Bouncing ball, spinning twister
The felines loved my little demon
	Swift four-legged creature
The K-9’s did not comprehend my little devil
	Taunting little musical laughter

He died of a broken heart
	Bouncing ball, spinning twister
He tried to fly but Herbie had no wings
	Falling down, crashing down
Herbie the hamster will be sadly missed
	Swift red furred little creature

Today momma’s buying a little red furred devil
	Herbie ΙΙ shall spin again
	Bouncing ball, spinning twister
	Swift red furred little creature

by Johnette Loefgren |
Categories: family, funny,

Home Sweet Home

I don't want to go to heaven
I don't want to go to hell
I don't even want to go to town
to see my sister Nell.

  She has a humped back husband
who hates me to the max,
he has the croup,
and fills my soup
with extract of exlax.

  They have an old dalmatian,
who slobbers in my shoes,
an alley cat,they call Big Pat,
who lives on rats and booze.

  They have a rabid hamster,
who crawls into my bed,
he chews my nails,
and never fails,
to piddle on my head.

  But yet I do gain something,
from going there each time,
I learn to be,the fool that's me,
and love the life that's mine.

by Lyra Pendragon |
Categories: relationship,

Vampire of the Rising Sun


There is a vampire 
in my dreams
that Sing calls 
uncle tom
he treats me like 
a sun indeed
he's not the only one

he sneaks inside
my tired mind
I don't know how
to sleep
and sucks the dreams 
right out of me
along with memories

my mother was a hamster, man
my father was a goat
I myself am
feeling lost
like in a sinkin boat

the one I love, or maybe two
smokes salmon in the night
people know I
I love him so
but he is not so bright

he treats me like a sun indeed
and he's Not the only one
I dunno how or why or who
is able to finish this song

by Pat Adams |
Categories: animal, cute love, humorous,

Hamsters In Love

Anton was a Russian hamster
Alena of the same descent 
As for him there was no other
A feeling of mutual consent

In Moscow, is where they were reared
A pet store was where they were kept
One by one their friends disappeared
Tail first, which they came to accept

Then one day Anton looked around 
Alena he just could not find
His sadness so deep and profound
He constantly ate as he pined

He didn't know she was quite close
Just put in separate cages 
Then one day, both flew by their tails
Together a love for the ages

Alena asked, "Are you ok?"
Anton said,"My tail's kind of sore"
She said, "Of course, and I would say,"
"You are more for me to adore!"

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade,

Joie De Vivre

Surround yourself with people who have 
Joie de Vivre 
Joy of living

Enthuse the day
Love something about it.

If you have not found the right humans
No worries.  Find a pet.
Cat, dog, hamster, something to love.

Through uplifting others 
Through encouraging others
Through loving others

We learn to cherish our self

by Sidney Beck |
Categories: home, home,

Giver of Life


Her damp books in boxes,
Lovingly dried and pressed
At home on new shelves

Survivor sparrow
One-legged  from cat attack,
Nurtured in a shoe box with crumbs.

Pensioner hamster
Superfluous to school pet-needs,
Straw-warmed in the garage.

Kids from  beer-bottle bedrooms
On the periphery of love,
Made central again.

A homeless home where misfits fit.
Where she laughs lightly,
New life is breathed.

by Michelle Morris |
Categories: encouraging, memory, mental health, motivation, perspective, psychological, strength,

The Stories In Your Head

The stories in your head
By Michelle Morris

The stories in your head
They get you turned around
Your mind's on a hamster wheel 
Spinning round and round 

You are not your thoughts
Yours is not those stories
You need to distance yourself
From self-sabotage; feeling unworthy 

You are magnificent and magical
You are energy and potential sublime
The Universe has your back
And God's blessed your soul divine

Don't give up on yourself 
Let your mind retain your brightest vision 
You deserve love and happiness
For your soul is part of our collective mission 

© Michelle Morris, 2023

by Rosaline Chen |
Categories: 3rd grade,


I really want a hamster 
I’m sure you’ll want one too
They're usually made of fluff 
From what my mind says to me

You get a hamster 
It would be spinning, spinning, spinning
You watch it for many hours 
You’ll get dizzy, dizzy, dizzy

Hamsters love nibbling saucy fingers
Once you’re done eating 
Just give the whole plate for the hamster to lick 
You would make the hamster very happy
If you did it in a click
Making hamster obstacles 
Will make it quick
If you make just one
Say goodbye to all the kicks

Here we stop 
And here we stay 
To the hamsters
And the lovely words that we say

by Shirley Hawkins |
Categories: 10th grade,

Gone Viral

"Mummy, Has the virus gone away?
I would love to go outside to play"
I'm sick of playing inside.
Even my pet hamster died.
The cat is looking sad and forlorn,
I think he's wondering why he was born.
He wants to go and chase the birds.
Outside is where this cat preferred,
How can he catch a juicy mouse,
Stuck in this depressing house.
Look at the canary on its swing,
He's too bored to chirp or sing,
"Mummy, when will this virus go away
So we can all go outside to play"