Love Poem: Hamsters in Love
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Written by: PAT Adams

Hamsters in Love

Anton was a Russian hamster
Alena of the same descent 
As for him there was no other
A feeling of mutual consent

In Moscow, is where they were reared
A pet store was where they were kept
One by one their friends disappeared
Tail first, which they came to accept

Then one day Anton looked around 
Alena he just could not find
His sadness so deep and profound
He constantly ate as he pined

He didn't know she was quite close
Just put in separate cages 
Then one day, both flew by their tails
Together a love for the ages

Alena asked, "Are you ok?"
Anton said,"My tail's kind of sore"
She said, "Of course, and I would say,"
"You are more for me to adore!"