Love Poems About Greyhound or Greyhound Love Poems
by Sara Kendrick |
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Leavin' On a Greyhound Bus

He's leavin' on a Greyhound Bus
He's done got tired of us  

Unmatched socks lie in the drawer
Loose tobacco on the floor

What did he do when he was here
What about him did we endear

Oh! I remember how he held me close
Changes happen that is the way life goes

Now a quick hug and gran I love you
A few moments and he is through

Engrained in my heart and memory
When he was totally dependent on me

Our grandson has a job with a long haul 
trucking company..He leaves tomorrow
for ten weeks of schooling and training 
on the job...Yeah!! He finally got a job..

by Leslie Philibert |
Categories: sad,

Shadow Girl

Uncoloured like ether; armed with snakes
Steps as lithe as a greyhound; a body
                       put together like a puzzle

With rings and dark eyes and small voices
Your words stumped and acerbic, I bet
                       you fall into chairs and lovers

When you sit opposite me on a bus
You chase away my starved eyes; old hope
                       for a love dusty over a fireplace.

by Tania Kitchin |
Categories: dog, pets,


My love
First greyhound
Retired rescue
A fun, goofy boy
Lovable and loyal
Adjusting to his new home
A high prey driven sight hound breed
Our cats are his friends, squirrels are not
He is loved and completes our family


(Not for contest, I wrote this because today is Ziggy's 3rd Birthday, he is a great dog and my first greyhound)

by Mariana Pavlich |
Categories: devotion, love, people,

Gala Evening Refreshing Red

Sampling efforts of various chefs
spent the morning  making cakes
High  spirited  independant  miss
Hair  coiffed  in  red rouge circles
On   blue-and-siver  striped  sofa
She wrote poems  about  Spring
In cloth covered book with a lock
Greyhound  poised   at  her  feet
He took her to a dark restaurant
She  opened  the  box...   A gold
heart   nestled   in  black  satin.

by Larry Bradfield |
Categories: lost love, , Lullaby,

It Was Winter

It was Winter when she left him
The North wind howled out on the plain
This was never what it should be
And Spring may never come again

She took a Greyhound bus back East
The West just never fit her style
He loved her still, he had no doubt,
But loneliness had killed her smile

She missed the noise of the city
A lullaby for her to sleep
In the country lies the silence
A bargain made she couldn't keep

It was Winter when she left him
And he had never loved since then
Forty years have come and gone now
And Springtime never came again


by Sammy Grube |
Categories: confusion, love, sorry, me, me,

Bound For Nowhere

Rain on the window makes me lonely
time keeps on passing so slowly
cell phones i hear ringing
i keep wishing it was me

I'm on a Greyhound bound for nowhere
she has you and you have me
and there are somethings we can't share
I'm on a Greyhound bound for nowhere

That ring you were wearing
didn't mean anything 
maybe because it came from me
why didn't you just let me be

If you were just going to chose her
did i ever mean anything to you
did you cry
or feel like you were going to die

As you watched me pull away
we both need you
but there are somethings we can't share
I'm on a Greyhound bound for nowhere

by Joe Martin |
Categories: funny love, lost love,

A Love Letter

Oh sweet nothing, I really miss you
Just putting one foot on the table, or two
If I could just sink in to this sofa and stew
Oh sweet nothing, I do so miss you

What if you could see me now?
Running in circles like a professional greyhound
You’d not know me, life’s so loud
Oh sweet nothing, if you could see me now.

Dolce Far Neinte, I appreciate you the most
Once taken for granted, now as abstract as a ghost.
Just one small taste, of not making haste
I just need some space to slow down with grace.

Oh sweet nothing, I will always remember
Time to myself, to douse the embers
My goal will be to have a peaceful September,
Wish me luck, sweet nothing, and we’ll be together