Love Poem: A Love Letter
Joe Martin Avatar
Written by: Joe Martin

A Love Letter

Oh sweet nothing, I really miss you
Just putting one foot on the table, or two
If I could just sink in to this sofa and stew
Oh sweet nothing, I do so miss you

What if you could see me now?
Running in circles like a professional greyhound
You’d not know me, life’s so loud
Oh sweet nothing, if you could see me now.

Dolce Far Neinte, I appreciate you the most
Once taken for granted, now as abstract as a ghost.
Just one small taste, of not making haste
I just need some space to slow down with grace.

Oh sweet nothing, I will always remember
Time to myself, to douse the embers
My goal will be to have a peaceful September,
Wish me luck, sweet nothing, and we’ll be together