Love Poems About Ferret or Ferret Love Poems
by Richard Breese |
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puppy love

to market get a carrot

sneak it home never share it

this our spaniel does

every day because

his lady friends a ferret.

by Clifford Villalon |
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Ring of Life

Parents love us us more than we know
Children sometimes forget, we don't regret
Ask yourself if you give more or take
Instill kindness and stay low, not gate.

Children sometimes forget, we don't regret
Humble yourself and love more, not hate
Instill kindness and stay low, not gate
Happiness grow more than sadness we sow.

Humble yourself and love more, not hate
Value others' lives and care for sake
Happiness grow more than sadness we sow
Enjoy life and live straight, not ferret.

Value others' lives and care for sake
Ask yourself if you give more or take
Enjoy life and live straight, not ferret
Parents love us more than we know.

by Jay Del Fierro |
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Silly Rabbit......

Hop-hop the trail
little bunny,shake your tail
to be noticed is the action
as you get,without fail

Hop-hop with some flowers
maybe candied desserts
you might get so lucky
be treated as a first

Hop-hop with a gift
maybe a precious stone
should open up those eyes
you'll never be alone

Silly,silly rabbit
chasin' the wrong carat
protector of this diamond
will be your ferret.....

by Theo Constantinides |
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Dearest Heart

Do not look for me out on a plain;
For sure as life it will not rain.

Do not look for me far a yonder; 
For there i shall not ponder.

Do not look for me up in the skies;
there all but my spirit flies.

Do not look for me in hell bent fire;
For at peace i am with your desire.

Do not look for me on moss laden bark;
As i am not with the ferret or the lark-

But deep inside your dearest heart.

by Unseeking Seeker |
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Transcendence, subtle shift within It’s unmistakable As a bliss mist, distanced from sin Love flame unshakable It’s an open secret No one else may ferret Graced as of soul’s merit God parlance Transcendence 06-January-2022 Quietus

by Don Johnson |
Categories: adventure

Ferret Rides Again

Well Andrea, second poem:)

I suppose feral ferret gets loose a bit,
when he ain't n isn't on the tit,
lived too long with little wit,
the ferret comes out cagey.

so sneaking through the tall, short wood,
to catch a chook, for her own good,
cafuffle feathers  tasty could,
be just more time a wasting:)

A rooster blurts across the yard,
with feathers ruffed, spurs like barbs,
catches ferret right off guard,
and rides him, from came he-whence.

but turning on the rooster chook,
he cast him off, black balled the look,
his .45 a raising,
watch out for the underchook,
lightening quick guns a blazing:)

muttering onsoup...Don Johnson



by Ram Ram |
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Fetal Thought

Fetal thought..!

Alone in a chamber, fused as one,
was I a proof of love or lust ?
Did I take shape out of my own will,
or was I induced to face a test ?

But, here I am feeling cosy inside,
primeval fluids - aloft and afloat !
No sense of 'I' - just existing along,
abiding joy and nothing to gloat.

Is it a chance that I am in here, or 
providence decree - pronounced ?
Taking my own form and shape,
my arrival will soon be announced !

What is in store and where and how is it ?
no such questions occurred as yet !
Not seperate from my committed host,
it is time alone - in time that will ferret.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: god, joy,

Day and Night

Day and night, God search our focus Fears and desires recede We waver not from love locus Our will to divine cede No secrets to ferret Judge not fault or merit Climbing to the summit Bliss delight Day and night 20-August-2021 Quietus

by Unseeking Seeker |
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Sushumna Aflame

Energy funnel
From root to the crown
Pulsates with power
Divine magnetism 
Vivifies our form

Open secret
None can ferret
If we would know
Be to become

Bliss tremor
Joy shudder
Love caress

The light



by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,

Open Secret

Open secret, we cannot share Even though we wish to Very few dare, with truth to pair To shed past, learn anew Right here, before our eyes As love for love so vies God within our heart sighs None may ferret Open secret 14-December-2021 Quietus

by Fire Bird |
Categories: family,

My Aunty Stacey

My Aunty Stacey,
She's not very lacey,
She doesn't wear dresses,
Or have curly tresses,
She is never a sook,
But a really good cook,
Tough as nails,
Never fails,
I think you will find,
That she is very kind,
She had a ferret for a pet,
And three dogs are set,
Very happy in her house,
But sadly, no mouse,
She likes to walk the dogs,
Even in the fogs,
Her husband Rio is full of muscle,
And with us he likes to tussle,
Her friend Alisha is amazing,
We play until where hot and blazing,
Aunty Stacey there is nothing you lack,
I love you to the moon and back.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,

No Point To Prove

No point to prove, we walk alone With angel wings we fly We cannot share, the bliss we own Till ego we decry It’s an open secret That no one can ferret Save love at heart’s turret In joy we groove No point to prove 23-October-2021 Quietus

by Mario Vitale |
Categories: anxiety, art, august, autumn,

On With a Song Linger

On With A Song  Linger 

Each new day,
We shut the window with hope to pray
Shaped through the sonic pee can come your way
Love is the mount where we plung to deep
Sit by the window to take a peek;
Shadows brisk the radius to cough..
Love the sound of fragrant socks
Linger on with a song

peaches, plums & carrots
gone right to live with the ferret
keep close w love the shelter to hide from
whisper, cough & fierce;

pretend behind the whisper...

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,

Inner Luminescence

As bliss throbs heighten
Rapture within peaks
The outer world fades
Divine nectar seeps
Our aura brightens

We alone feel
Bliss joy appeal
Open secret
None can ferret

Thus flowing
Love blossoming