Love Poem: ferret rides again
Written by: DON JOHNSON

ferret rides again

Well Andrea, second poem:)

I suppose feral ferret gets loose a bit,
when he ain't n isn't on the tit,
lived too long with little wit,
the ferret comes out cagey.

so sneaking through the tall, short wood,
to catch a chook, for her own good,
cafuffle feathers  tasty could,
be just more time a wasting:)

A rooster blurts across the yard,
with feathers ruffed, spurs like barbs,
catches ferret right off guard,
and rides him, from came he-whence.

but turning on the rooster chook,
he cast him off, black balled the look,
his .45 a raising,
watch out for the underchook,
lightening quick guns a blazing:)

muttering onsoup...Don Johnson