Love Poems About Elegiac Lyric or Elegiac Lyric Love Poems
by CayCay Jennings |
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Leaving for a year
to nightmare and fear
he came to say goodbye
or at least to try.

I did not speak,
didn’t open my eyes,
an unknown fear
had me paralyzed.

My Father full-blown,
a force in uniform
is memory that haunts,
fulfilling neither’s wants.

My pretend sleep,
him standing above -
we should have spoken,
held and shown love.

I only peaked 
at my Father’s face.
This sadness won’t leave,
I still crave embrace.

Did he know, did he realize,
his ten-year-old was alert 
behind closed eyes?  Did Dad 
also regret what I cannot forget?

August 16, 2015

by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: children, satire, song,

These little ones

These little children seen around
Have something in them mysterious
That thing adult cannot understand
‘Cause they are too child-like to impress

These little children play and conflict
They cry, get angry and mourn in unison
Yet a thousand times they love and play
Even when conflict has been too much

These little ones so licitly seen around
Ideal values of community they hold
But adults ignore them as childish things
Yet their power of community is broken

When a child talks adult is just amused
When adults speak child just wonders
Although rubbish things they could be
that destroy power of human community

by Vickie Hurtt - Thayer |
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~Vickie Thayer~Poetry To Ponder~

by Remnants of Some Silly Experiences |
Categories: death of a friend, emotions, sympathy, tribute,


We know not each other We haven’t met ever Still, I see your soul float A silhouette behind a veil Serene and blissful Watching over your loved ones Moan, and longing to caress once But, know my friend, they are safe Under your guardian spell Accompanied by the lovely folks You have done your part and Let them set theirs now right You worry not even a wee bit For the Creator has a perfect plan done and It will be done well In time and space You worry not my friend Know now that you are free From all spree Fly high and be free To a blissful land REST IN PEACE & LOVE -puvi- 18/12/2015

Categories: feelings,

Soulful Eyes

Soulful eyes may watch the world, but see no time
sit in silence without a care, listen to the words I share
glowing lights now lead your path, enjoy this glory
through your eyes, I sought vision and found strength
through your strength, I sought guidance and found your heart
through your heart, I sought understanding and found love
and through your love, I found friendship
the music fades the worries of another day
the music becomes an erotic force guiding your arms
to form around my waist and my hands to carefully 
capture your lovely face, I reply, by softly brushing your lips with mine

by liza marry |
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Poems about Life

We are the sum of experiences that we encounter as we go through life. Day to day struggles and triumphs are experienced by all of the world's creatures. As human beings, when we encounter a challenge, we have freedom to choose how to react. Every decision that we make leads us down a different road. We will never come to exactly the same crossroads. Every decision that we make has significance. The tiniest choice that we make reverberates throughout the entire universe.

by Sayeed Abubakar |
Categories: love,

I Sigh For You

I sigh for you, Lorena, day and night-
as a blind man sighs every day for light,
as a mother sighs for lost son-daughter
and falling on soil a fish for water.

I sigh in waking and in sleep I sigh;
I die and get alive, again I die.

by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: freedom, rights, satire,

A Gift in my Bag

What I have in my bag
is a very glittering gift
I want to enjoy it alone
but something says “back off”

This gift in my bag is golden
no human can resist egotism
to share is a nightmare case
all I desire is enjoy it alone

Truly much love I have for it
but it is not my thing alone
people gave it in good faith
yet in bad faith I possess it 

For common good power is 
but an opium it is once got

by Kathleen McQuillen |
Categories: appreciation, death, fear, god, loss, love, meaningful,


Sunlit days and moonlit nights,
These are some of God's delights.

Time for hope and time for fear,
Remember to hold loved ones near.

For us a lifetime, for God a sec,
In the grand scheme, we are but a spec.

They give us food for thought and food for soul,
Just a fraction of us reach the final goal.

To sit with God and bask in His light,
This should be our end, goodness never spite.

by Bill Keen |
Categories: hyperbole, lost love, metaphor, pain, sun,

There Is No Remedy

		I have learned in the reclining chair,
		while the dentist mined deep veins of decay,
		how to transfer pain.
		The needled anodyne of novocaine
		is inadequate to allay
		the harrowing ache he engenders there.
		But not even by bending fingers until they pop
		or stabbing nails into the tenderest flesh
		can I get the dedicated ache to stop.
		Nor did my visit to another woman
		after the last set when her shift was done	
		soothe the bruises on my heart
		that blossomed when you stole the sun. 

by Marian MillerStutzman |
Categories: abuse, adventure, anxiety, beautiful, beauty, best friend, blessing,

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by Amar Agarwala |
Categories: death, missing,


‘I love you’ she softly confessed
No longer could she her feelings hide,
Laying on his graveside blue orchids
With a pink silken ribbon tied.

She heard not his longing whispers
As she knelt down and bitterly cried,
“Some more days I could have lived my dear
Had you said this before I died.”

by Amar Agarwala |
Categories: death, love,


Death followed my footsteps softly behind
More invisible than air could be, 
I convinced myself like you do so now
Its chasing another but not me.

I hurried on with my pretentious chores
Glancing at gravestones of all those dead, 
How gullible was I to think that death
Would find some other not me instead.

by Raven Tones |
Categories: absence, depression,

Bitter Sweet Home

Today I pray to find a happy place
Only I awake to find myself astray

Alone no hope is where I always stay

Benign my mind which drives me insane 
Envy the world for it seems better off
Today I prAt i find where I belong 
The day will never come
Eternal pain drains my soil
Regret my martyr life

Pray for me to find the strength to lift the world from my back
Love me for what i was not of what you hear
Alone I push to solitude for pain is my only friend
Can you show me how to get the power to light my heart again
Endlessly I remain in search to find my own home, for in my mind i feel blind, forever alone

by Marian MillerStutzman |
Categories: baby, caregiving, children,

Young We All Came From

Children form their idea's when small.
That's why it's important for elders to give them their all.
Some say well they're just A child.
And they might even leave them for awhile.
Some say they are small and they don't know what we do.
Meanwhile their child is watching every move with eyes so true.
Patiently waiting and tagging behind.
Watching with eyes so full of love that they shine.
Everything they see is turning their mold.
They can't wait to be like them when they get old.
And here some said they are small and don't know.
For what their elders paved before them is the only way they know.
Their every track will show, just like freshly fallen snow!

by fauxcroft wade |
Categories: beauty, day, love, memory, nature, summer, sunshine,

Days gone by

I remember those days gone by

Running around in the sun beside

A little babbling stoney stream

Where we laid and shared our dreams

We thought those summers would never end

Those hazy days way back when

So much of this life was so innocent

Watching butterflies and spying bees

Pollinating all the flowers we could see

And caterpillars feeding off leaves

These day gone by created memories

Of love and nature that are so dear to me

And your grace, bliss and beauty

Complimented everything and I swear

If I could I'd go back there and never leave

And remain forever and ever and share

The love of those days.


by Julian Scutts |
Categories: lost love, pride, voyage,

Too proud to smile or weep

You were proud who would not weep,
And I, too proud to smile.
Our words unspoken
The box of sweet perfume
Left  unopened
Are things stolen from us that
Never shall return.

Beneath a bridge unbuilt
A once calm stream
A now wild restless sea
Where phantom ships
In ageless quest sail on
To find no home,
To reach no haven's rest.

by Allan Terry |
Categories: adventure, beauty, endurance, forgiveness, leadership, nonsense, romantic love,

Cuddle Dog Doll

I am A cuddle Dog Doll
My world is more than Cuddling
I am a Cuddle Dog Doll
Masked Or painted
I am the greatest ever
I'm a Cuddle Dog Doll!

by you are a pig, cause I know everything!

by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: africa, allusion, child abuse, children,

Mystery children of South Sudan

In Africa if you cry
some think you are laughing
in Africa if you laugh
some think you are crying
some believe you are amusing
what about these mystery children? 

Mystery children of South Sudan
over one million away from home 
over one million in camps within
out touring other lands for adventure?
out catching grasshoppers for breakfast?
these mystery children!

Africa the powerful land of resources
which African nation gives food?
which one gives warm blankets?
who gives affectionate love?
come Africa, rescue innocent little angels
have empathy you rich Africa

Mystery children of South Sudan,
who will wipe your tears in Africa?

by Allan Terry |
Categories: beach, beautiful, guitar, marriage, meaningful, music, romantic love,

shoreline proposal

we partying at the beach
bring blankets and sandwiches
the sun is pettiest at sunset
campfires and barbeque
music jumpin on the radio

story telling
card games
and dancing
sunset evening
vision is so romantic
Baby I got
something to tell you
before the nights over
I gonna ask for
her hand in marriage
tonight is when I'm
gonna propose
think the beach night
is gonna be romantic
hope she bought an extra set of clothes
we parting until the sunrise
breakfast in the diner
by the ocean shore

by Daniel Kakuru |
Categories: betrayal, black love, break up,


They ask me:

Where did Sarah go to?
Where did Jennifer go to?
Where did Suzie go to?
Did your coldness swallow them?

I say:
We were lovebirds;
Birds always fly out and follow different directions

by Julian Scutts |
Categories: beach, love hurts, sea,

A Mermaid's Parting Words

Fare well, fair mortal, fare thee well.
Of our sorrow who can tell?
Thou to the land and I to the brine
Thou must go thy way, I must go mine.

But if thou e'er shouldst choose to stand
Upon a stretch of golden sand,
Know from the pulse of every wave,
That all's returned to hearts that gave.

by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: desire, father, loss, remembrance day,

March 19, Year 2017

            A day of somber remembrance
           My beloved father passed away
                 On this day, a lucky man
                  Peacefully, in his sleep
                     Without fear or pain
                     With dreams fulfilled
                      I wish I'll be as lucky
                      Rest in peace, Dad
                      I'll always love you..

Date written and posted: 01/06/2019

by Raven Tones |
Categories: abuse, dark, depression, metaphor,

Red Black And Blue

Blue eyes go dark at night blocking from me the world from my sight

Little love may change my fate perhaps give me a bit more faith

Alone at night I see the moon eyes were blue and go black soon

Cannot ignore what I cannot see give me hope and no wish to flee

Knife so cold yet keeps me warm as I attempt to remove all that's been torn  

Only the gods know how strong I could have been until blue eyes go black again

Up until the night my eyes stay black i will forever feel a mind attack

To the skies I someday fly don't call it weakness for that's what I removed inside

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: feelings,

Red light line

 Red light line  

Clouds feel feeling feeble today 
By the Decisions 
When  time will not put put any 
critique for us 
My world follow the line of ants passing to this world which is full of problems and pain... 

I was behind an ant suddenly a read light line comes I stopped 

looked back to my love heir the 
Ant colored I can't wait till green....... 

With love all 
MRi.jagdish Bajantri