Love Poems About Cuckoo or Cuckoo Love Poems
by Tim Smith |
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My Love Is Real

A pre-lit Christmas tree sparkles the entrance Monet, Van Gough, and Wassily Kandinsky prints adorn the walls of her sitting room a dozen painted roses sit in a faux crystal vase and the smell of apple pie lingers in the air coming from her Scentsy candle warmer resting upon her replica baby grand piano The seconds tick loudly from the tree house looking cuckoo clock as I wait patiently I wait down the stairs she comes waltzing ever so gracefully ever so elegant in her bright flowing yellow dress accented by beautiful costume jewelry my heart skips a beat as we kiss hello and I know yes I know This love is real

by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: angst, feelings, humorous,

- The Soup Cuckoo -

Jealousy is not the fear of losing
but the feeling that our position is threatened
As wet sand between your toes, unwanted

Sometimes jealousy turns into obsession
There are many wars, love your enemies ... never
We fight for love as a tender and small sparrow
Bitter taste, there is a fly in the soup

- Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
  Copyright © All Rights Reserved


by L'nass Shango |
Categories: philosophy

The map

Glacial ice melting
The climate suddenly changes
Old relationships.

When the blue jay sings
Listen how wide it ranges
The boundary of spring.

After rain rainbow
Thunder makes the coastland smile
Faith provides the oil.

So I map landscapes
With audacity to see
Change, a boomerang.

I search through petals
To find a woman's soft heart
Felt a bumbled sting

No bridge left to cross
Love drowns everything in tears
So the cuckoo sings

by Ibohal Kshetrimayum |
Categories: allusion, animal, appreciation, april, art, assonance, autumn,

About you

'When did you wake up?' You once asked.

The blind laughed in my heart, and
I fell in love.
A dream escaped, but your hairs
Darkened its path.

When we make love
I hear a sea roaring in your curls, and
Feel an animal on your skin.
In the needles of rain, eyes are missing,
And a burning river rushes out of your crevice.

While a cuckoo cries for moon drops,
Dawn comes with a yawn,
And the coconut tree bends to comb
Your disheveled clouds while I
Search for my succumbed heart
In crumpled pillows.

I see you flying away,
And I drink mountains from a bottle
Of sunsets, thinking about you
Until I hear the moon
Moaning for a window.

by M Asim Nehal |
Categories: love, song, sound, , Lullaby,

Sound of Love

Shall I compare your voice with sweet notes of cuckoo 
Or with the voice of nightingale 
Or whistle of a parrot
Or drops of water on tin roof
The melody of love is what I search on
When mother sings lullaby 
Angles descend to hear yet they hear not
Thus thy voice resembles mockingbird’s voice, 
Or is it like Malabar whistling by a schoolboy
I hear nothing when I see two lovers
Sitting arms in arms without sound
just the silence in between them
When love blossom from the ashes of dunes
There is a complete silence
And this silence is the sound of love...

by Pushpa Palanchoke |
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Love came

Love came and went- 
lovers hummed bitter-sweet symphonies
my ears full of buzz,
eyes full of tears,
suddenly, I hear cuckoo singing me melodies-
singing of rain; monsoon and drain-
of green hills, valleys and plains,
of seasons that go and come again,
deserts turning oasis, no barren they remain-
of light and love that I started seeing in this maiden. 

by Lara Wash |
Categories: crazy,

Crazy Glue

When we decided to be one, we two
Our love was like crazy glue

I don’t think we were created to love and fight hard
Because it creates a cycle of end and start, which is no good for the heart

Our bond was so sticky even when I wanted to leave
Our cohesiveness was like a rich man’s greed

But one day crazy glue met reality
And she became unglued instantly 

She felt free and revitalized
When she realized

Crazy glue
Made her cuckoo

So she flew
The cuckoo’s nest

Now she can attest

It’s not good to invest
In craziness

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Where do we go from here

We met by chance and fell in love,
                   Where do we go from here now...
Will we ride the skies on an angel’s wings?
                   Or make love at dawn while the cuckoo sings,
Where do we go from here?

                  Can’t make it through a single day without you,
Or feel the velvet grass beneath me
                   See the satin stars above me
Move a single step without you
                   Take a single breath without you
The whole world may fall apart
                   But I’m in love, oh! Happy love!
Where do I go from here now...


by Frances Schiavina |
Categories: june,


June is knocking at the door
dressed in fragrant summer gold
cherry blooms, cuckoo songs
bathing suits and volleyballs
riding waves spitting salt
shuffle dancing after dusk
closed books and open shores
bloom in June roses and love.

by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: magic, spring,

A Spring Day

I reply to the song of cuckoo, my favourite bird,
Sun shines brilliant and then clouds take their turn,
Blossoms at trees carpet as breeze swiftly stirred,
Cheerful chase of butterflies ends on evening return,
A spring day rescues all from a summer burn !

Trees leaves and grass all go intense in green,
Promising for youth to retrieve optimistic room,
Chirpy birds float and fly and reattain their sheen,
Passion of first love that eats up all the gloom,
A Spring day even can turn cacti bloom !!

Written on 17/4/14

by Probir Gupta |
Categories: analogy, art, bird, blue, color, image, metaphor,

The Game

Out of you I make my birds of colors
And set them free for your windows open
As I know you look to them in keen eyes
Thus my searching glances can meet your sky
Maple trees ruffled clouds love to stop them
Buds in bowls on roof top always love them
I do know you wait in your nice canoe
To row and raise waves of red and blue hue

Some love humming bird some lark some cuckoo
You love sea gulls in your light green terrace
To get time is hard after handling chores
Still when pink and passionate beaks peck at
You are almost a peach to love the bites
The game between writes and pen is lovely
July 1, 2016

by M Asim Nehal |
Categories: heart, love, sound, , Lullaby,

Sound Of Love

Shall I compare your voice with sweet notes of cuckoo? 
Or with the voice of nightingale 
Or whistle of a parrot
Or drops of water on tin roof
The melody of love is what I search on
When mother sings lullaby 
Angles descend to hear yet they hear not
Thus thy voice resembles mocking bird’s voice, 
Or is it like Malabar’s whistling by a schoolboy
I hear nothing when I see two lovers
Sitting arms in arms without sound
just the silence in between them
When love blossom from the ashes of dunes
There is a complete silence
And this silence is the sound of love...

by Sumedha Anand |
Categories: depression, , Lullaby,

One last time

The touch of a mother I long,
The hug of a father I trust
The words of a lullaby sung like a cuckoo song
I want to hear them again!
Take me to my parents, to the heaven of love To love them one last time Hug me,O death, for I'm not so tough I want to see them again...
So hard you be so be my lord! But take me to them one last time Take me to my parents my love, my life, my god I want to live with them one last time...
Take me, take what stops you? Take me, take my life, my breath And if that does not suffice, then take the entire world too Please, give them to me again! Just one last time... Just one last time...

by Aliza Kashmala Kiran |
Categories: beauty, daffodils, morning, sunshine, wisdom,

When Dawn Arrives On Wings Of Morn :

 When Dawn Arrives On Wings Of Morn

Delicate daisies
bathe in crystalline dewdrops 
Preparing for dawn...

As dawn broke we warmed
the cuckoo started love songs
Almost romantic

Golden pastels painted
In sweet colours, on the face
Of night as it slowly fades.

by harry horsman |
Categories: nature,

Nature's No Motherly Love

the cuckoo in spring
needs to suss out homely nest
comes with baring gifts...
adoption not an option
a brood parasite in lieu 

© Harry J Horsman   2021

by Satish Verma |
Categories: life, love, peace, philosophy, planet,


They manipulated the words
to cross the corridors of essence.
Crib was empty, child was stolen.
At blood stained altar
there was no clue to mystical death.

The contents now matter. Time
displays tools of murder,
snaps the sheet from the bed,
kills the neophyte at water hole,
unsucked breast swells, weeps endlessly.

Apes are coming.
Duplicates look brilliant like novae.
It was becoming crowded. Becoming
was destroying the matter. Fear
moves in water, on the earth.

Faraway a cuckoo sings
a saddest song.
Come, belong to my tears, drops
of my soul’s vessel, kiss the eyes
of planet earth.


by Cynthia Alvez |
Categories: lost love,


Ablaze under the glare
of a 60 watt bulb...
The tea kettle whistles
for the third time.
You said you'd be here by 12
But that was two yesterdays
And the clock goes Cuckoo 


by Mitchell Griswold |
Categories: life, love hurts, romance, romantic, romantic love, sad love,

I love, I Live

I love, I live in an interim of time, a moments rhyme.
One foot forward and a foot behind, suspended in time.
A place not past nor future tense but of a middle space.
My spirit caught in the center of an existence's grace.

Crying for that which I have cheaply given away.
Longing for that which I will surely gain someday.
But for now I have such an amount of little either.
I live and love in stillness's shallow nowhere neither.

Multiple zones of which I'm a single resident apart.
They tear at me and my fragile, pale, lonely heart.
When will my cuckoo clock start to tick in whole.
So that I may live and love as one fully, solid soul.

by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: depression


I waited everyday for you to come,
In rain, in sun, in spring.
There were sandstorms
There were rainstorms
There were mind storms
There were heart storms
But I waited still.
Waited for a little movement in my womb,
Waited for you to be born.
Your angel face, your tiny limbs,
Your curly hair and your soft skin.
Your cries like the cuckoo on the hills
Calling me to take you in my arms.
To feed you to cradle you….to love you
Now months have become years
The pain has increased
Till a dull ache
Life has stopped
The journey seems finished
My womb is empty and so am I.
But still I live
I eat, I sleep, I cry, I laugh.
I have not died
 I am Dead.

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: stars,


so simple a star,
for oh so long
it glitters, in my eyes —
still alive.

living things have walked this path
in love, excited, lonely and ragged.

do stars fall like rain or snow?
do they stop the cuckoo clock?

the sky — like the sea manifest,
a prayer to touch.
pondering the last star —
is it the same as the first?
is it close to my heart
or far?

is it perhaps Rilke’s white city?*



*Lament by Rainer Maria Rilke

by JB Singh |
Categories: absence,

The mountain Eco

Yes,it was the Mountain Echo
Answering to the shouting cuckoo,
Giving to her sound for sound!

Unsolisited reply
To a babbling wanderer sent;
Like her ordinary cry,
Like but oh,how different!
Hears not also mortal life!
Hears not we,unthinking creatures
Slaves of folly,love of strife
voices of two different nations!

by Johnette Loefgren |
Categories: life, people, hate, love, i love you,

Eyeless In Wonderland

You say you love the nightingale ,but not the way it sings
       you say you like the evening bell,but not the way it rings
you love to pick the roses ,but their smell just turns you off
      your pillow's stuffed with eiderdown,but you find it much too soft
you came to watch the sunset but the colors hurt your eyes
      you seek the owl at midnight,but you find him much too wise
you got yourself a cuckoo clock but hate the way it chimes
      you love me for my poetry but hate the way it rhymes
I love you for your wondros eyes , that always look at me
      I love you for your wondros eyes, but not the way they see.

by Eke jeffrey chinedu |
Categories: beautiful, celebration, cute love, girlfriend, relationship, romantic love, youth,

a glimpse of love

You're the best thing to happen to me,
So let our love fly free.
You're my dream come true,
Even if we are a bit cuckoo.
You're the woman in my life.
One day you'll be my wife.
You're the one I turn to.
I'm so glad I met you.
You gave me a chance,
And we found romance.
We will fight the cold weather
In our life together.
I never imagined that this would occur,
Life flying by in a blur.
Now nothing will ever break us apart,
For you have a valuable piece of my heart.
I know this is true,
Because life without you
Isn't worth living.
All my love to you I am giving.

by Kim Rodrigues |
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a.m. and p.m. like clockwork we’re greeted, Chris. he’s cuckoo for love 1/14/2020

by Vasudevan Desikachari |
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                                        spring's first rain 
                                        Jacobin  cuckoo 
                                        there she is