Love Poem: A Battle of Sounds
Andrew Crisci Avatar
Written by: Andrew Crisci

A Battle of Sounds

WOW! His belly is full and can't BELCH!!
HAHA! He's gone mad and makes a BANG! 
OOPS! His wife's Sprite makes a SPLASH! 
YEAH! Hear the fireworks, they make a BAM!

OOSH! She throws water balloons that POP!  
WHAM! Keep away from a dangerous POW!   
POOF! She' makes him disappear with a ZAP!
YEAH! Take a bath filthy pig, don't BABBLE!  

OMG! Sing happy Karaoke lyrics, not SLAM!
GARGLE! Hygiene is a must, don't MUMBLE!
WTF?! Don't piss me off, I love to SMASH! 
TIC-TAC! Stop that cuckoo clock, ACHOO!