Love Poems About Bumble Bee or Bumble Bee Love Poems
by Victor Buhagiar |
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If I were a butterfly
would you love me more?
would you treat me delicately?
look deep into my core?
If I were a butterfly
would you let me land
on the tip of your finger
or let me play upon the sand?
If I were a butterfly
would you be gentle and nice?
breathe softly upon me
and kiss me lightly thrice?
If I were a butterfly,
alas I'd fly away
for staying with you, darling
there's quite a lot to pay.
If I were a butterfly
I'd rather my soul be free
Never tied to slavery
paying you too high a fee.
Yet if I were a butterfly
would you fly away with me?
Or always unfaithful, would you
fly away with a bumble bee?

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: nature

Rhymed Haiku

humble bumble bee
brings pollen from apple tree
to make his honey

he feeds his loved queen
to protect her he gets mean
his stings aren’t funny

a hive is his home
he fills it with honeycomb
for love not money

For Carol Brown's "What's the Buzz" contest

Carol gave me a no. 1

by L'Nass Shango |
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Where Are You So Soon, My Love

Where are you so soon, my love
Like a summer night blown away
Where are you today, my love
Your face on my sleep sings all day

Your lips were unbroken honeycomb
My desire the humming bumble bee
For you, my distant pollen, ever I roam
Seeking you in sweet shadows of memory.

Shall we meet again ever, ere the sun
Sets forever on the howling bar
Shall you know I love you as I loved none,
My seeming lost and pole-less star.

by Joyce Johnson |
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I wake for start of new day to find all nature stirring.
The bumble bee and humming bird around the feeder whirring.
The russet breasted robin has caught the early worm.
He'll feed it to his lady love before the final squirm.

Across the way the flower field is filled with willing workers.
Spring in my valley scurries on, it is no place for shirkers.
Not long ago I too was part of frantic interaction.
I watch with cup of coffee and a sigh of satisfaction.

I've served my time, no need to rise to annoying alarm.
Without me spring will carry on, I've rented out the farm.
The days whern I met life head-on is part of history.
In my newly welcomed leisure I let life come to me.

by Arlene Burch |
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Busy As a Bumblebee I Go

Busy As A BumbleBee I Go

Busy as a bumble bee I  go,
from flower to flower
with sweet things to bring home.

Busy as a bumble bee I go
just buzzing along.

 Busy as a bumble bee I go
with sweet love to bring home

                                                       buzz buzz buzz.........

by Lu Loo |
Categories: love, passion,

No Fear

Apple trees, and cherry blossoms,
Free birds and birds of prey,
All came to my heart,
One hot July day.

For even the rain couldn't quench,
The deep burning desire,
I felt for you,
	Still feel for you,
		-You bring me honest fire.

Hummingbirds and bumble bee buzzes,
The stale summer breeze in my ear,
All remind me of the summer we met,
The summer I felt,
	Still feel for you,
		-Absolutely no fear.

      ~Written By: Laura Loo~
~Date Written: October 5, 2015~

by Jt Nyx |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, flying,

Bumble Bee

Humble little bumble bee, 

I love your black and yellow 

on a lovely summer day 

I watch you fly so mellow. 


You are like a tiny plane, 

always zooming by 

buzzing with your tiny wings 

into the neon sky. 


I think it must be peaceful, 

something so serene 

to live amongst the clouds 

where things are rarely seen.

by Christy Hardy |
Categories: adventure, faith, hope, life, love

Bumble Bees

The Bumble Bee,
is to heavy to fly,
but no one told it,
don't ever try.
So off it went,
up higher, and higher,
positive thinking,
his strong desire.
Surround yourself,
with Bumble Bees,
these kind of people,
are the friends you need.

by Cheryl Mccall |
Categories: fantasy, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, imagination, lost loveme, me,

Me and My Bumble Bee

Me And My Bumble Bee
Rick &Justa
Whenever I get too blue I just
look to Justa and climb aboard 
her and watch her wings sprout
and her motor chiming to time.

And away we go, me and 
my Bumble Bee, Where we go no
one knows, but me and my Bee.

Oh my, we're heading straight
for the moon maybe I see you 
soon.Whoops! Wrong turn, Now 
I see the brightest star.

Is that where me and
my Bumble Bee should be?
Okay love we're on our way.

Oh my, I see you waving 
in the distance, but hang on,
my bee has jut got a li'l motor.

And if she turns to fast she dumps
me off and has to come and fetch 
her friend,but I'll be there in an instant.

by Janet Bingham |
Categories: beauty, blessing, cute, earth day, encouraging, friendship, love,

Two Little Bumble Bees


Two little Bumble Bees
asleep inside a rose blossom
this morning.
The dew is on each flower.
I stroke their velvet bodies
of gold and black.
Suddenly they turn their bodies
as if to cuddle closer than before
to each other.
It is a cold morning.
Each Bumble Bee thinks that
the other one has moved.
How wonderful to be a part of nature.

Janet Marie Bingham

by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: computer-internet, friendship, funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, people,

Delete This File

Kissing me, like a bumble bee
Sipping the nectars of my soul
Peeling out the skin of my skin

Yet still you can not overcome
The warm twinkles in my eyes
‘Cause I have a way to erase

Sad memories you’ve instilled
In my heart, through this cross
Of yours, hanging on my chest

If, you wonder how I will do it
Come close to me and see how
I press this…“Delete this file”

by Kishan Sharma |
Categories: abortion, absence, abuse, adventure, africa, age, allegory,

Depth of Love

Hear girl oh listening girl,
I am bumble bee you are my bug,
I have to come close to you,
You have a juice in my thirst.

The color is yours blooming morning,
Your scent is only in every place.
I kiss your cheeks in everyday,
You beat me ,I am yours life.

Beauty, this is your height,
Like the moon emerges.
Let me do it in the night,
Heart do you just,
Love in do.

Hear girl oh listening girl,
I am bumble bee,
You are my bug.

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life, love, passion,

Merger of Our Caress

You are my flower
Sting me like a bumble bee
Reaching far within
In front I can clearly see
The merger of our caress

Russell Sivey

by A Yorkshire Poet |
Categories: corruption, creation, humanity, imagination, men, women,

Different Indeed


I'm so different to you
You're so different to me

Different in the way we think
Different in the way we see

Like measuring the thunder of a Lancaster Bomber
Against the beating wings of a Bumble Bee

They try to make us all believe in the same way
They try to make us all see what they want us to see

The inherent flaw of our nature is always here
The inherent flaw is that we all think differently

Power controls our life like the tides of the sea
But power will never control our minds indefinitely 

Controlling the way we think, the way we love, the way we feel

Would lead humanity down the path of insanity.

by Fathima Dawood |
Categories: children, funny,

Bumble Bee

I have lost my love you see
Does it matter that she was a bumble bee
We walked and talked for a period you know
We had no friends in common to grow
So we parted our ways and agreed to be friends
But folorn I grow with each passing new trend
For my bumle bee you see
Was very special to me
Lost and alone I grow folorn
Waiting and watching for my bumble bee

by Patricia . Garcia Howard Bramble |
Categories: change, cry, freedom,

Why Won'T You Agree

Did you know inspiring words are for free
It's meant to uplift you and set you free
Like those bumble bees
You are meant to be carefree
Not trapped, sit and agree
How I wish you could learn to appreciate you
Can't you see there is no one better than you
Who can play you, better than you
Why must I plea for you to agree
To set yourself free like those bumble bee
Why not learn how to love me
For theirs no one better or greater than you.

by Jan Allison |
Categories: children, friendship, fun,

Building Friendship

I love building Lego with Timothy, here's bricks for you and some for me. We will play together so happily, here's bricks for you and some for me. We once tried to create a little mouse on the dining table round at my house, but it looked more like a grey woodlouse on the dining table round at my house. Lego always triggers our creativity, we have such fun as you can see. Tim let's try to build a bumble bee, we have such fun as you can see. Pa works in the Lego store warehouse, he brings us new kits, we never grouse. Ma says, "There's too much Lego in our house" he brings us new kits, we never grouse.

by Mark Koplin |
Categories: home,

Country Living

Cottonwood and royal pine, majestic oak and fields of wheat
All you hear are birds, and the pitter patter of little feet

The smell of lilac fills the air, dirt roads far as one can see
Just beware of certain flowers and the stinging bumble bee

A cornucopia to run and play, safe and free from harm
There is no place I would rather be, than right here on this farm

This is my sanctuary, so many often wonder why
I’ll always love the country, it’s where I live and where I’ll die

I am thankful of this piece of ground, and all that I can see
Our life is what we make it, don’t let regret take hold of thee

August 17, 2020

by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: death, loss, lost love, love, nostalgia, sad,

I Sketch a Woman

On this big, wide, silver screen--- 
created, for the grandeur of the crafty 
artisans of the soup, where creation 
of love is the theme, where hate 
does not dwell, I sketch a woman, 
so young and innocent, the flowers’ gatherer. 

Look, she’s still taunting 
the bumble bee, hungry 
for the nectar of the gods.

O thee, Saint of all Saints, I ask you 
please, guide me in sketching 
this woman of my life. Help me, to remember 
her beauty and smile, the way I met her, ‘cos without 
you, this is not easy, for many years had passed, 
since the day she left me, to meet you!

by Cs Parker |
Categories: adventure, america,

Bumble Bee Soldiers 2

Instead I took a turn
Down a path we know by
Two ponds road
To the tree where I 
As a child built a house
For the fairies in the
Bark and moss 
And to my surprise 
I saw it anew and
Inside too
Out came a beautiful fairy
“You think we would let u die?”
“I don’t know I…”
“You built us a home and now
We want to welcome you
To your new body a fairy body
And you will haunt these 
Forests forever”
What could I say or do
I was transformed 
Made anew
So if you choose to find out who I am
Come to the fairy river I’ll be singing there
And I love ham

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Helen and her Giant Bumblebee

Few can boast of the love of a giant bumble these days
Helen feels honored for her bee adores her in all ways
Others cower in horror, when they see her bee’s stinger.
She is not fearful, for her pet is a doosie, a ding-a-linger.

He has her back, others leave her alone, never bother her at all.
Even giants and elephants do not come near, her enemies fall.
Running away practically before they do something mean to her.
Her giant bumble bee is her best friend, and an incredible cure.