Love Poem: Me and My Bumble Bee
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Written by: Cheryl Mccall

Me and My Bumble Bee

Me And My Bumble Bee
Rick &Justa
Whenever I get too blue I just
look to Justa and climb aboard 
her and watch her wings sprout
and her motor chiming to time.

And away we go, me and 
my Bumble Bee, Where we go no
one knows, but me and my Bee.

Oh my, we're heading straight
for the moon maybe I see you 
soon.Whoops! Wrong turn, Now 
I see the brightest star.

Is that where me and
my Bumble Bee should be?
Okay love we're on our way.

Oh my, I see you waving 
in the distance, but hang on,
my bee has jut got a li'l motor.

And if she turns to fast she dumps
me off and has to come and fetch 
her friend,but I'll be there in an instant.