Love Poems About Bongo or Bongo Love Poems
by Tiffany Diaz |
Categories: art, creation, dance, love, lust, music, urban,


Twirling into the wind
Steps moving to a pace
Hips swinging to the beat
Ears Feeling the Timbre
The tune to a melody
Its base a Bongo
Shaking to a Maraca
Accents to a Trombone
He is the Lead
So she follows gliding
Rhyming with all shes got
His moves 
He hits the spot
Rhythm of the Heart
From start to finish 
Till the end they repeat
Twirling into the wind

by john chizoba vincent |
Categories: africa, animal, art,



Golibe,Have you ever see me wanted to
 sing a song of love to you with my bongo?
I have tatooed our smiles, never allowed
Your names escape from my lips like Words.
I Have seen your heart danced upon the song
Of love.
Have you seen the beautiful sky lately?
I have caved your name Golibe boldly on it
Golibe, the Sweet ornament of the morning air
Whose body mosquito have not feasted On.
Golibe, I watch your Back with Smiles and joy
I know they made you a monster in the eyes
Of the strangers who never see beyond your beauty.
Do you want my heart between Your teeth? 
I will bring it tomorrow at dawn for your love.

by Kelsey Kopec |
Categories: devotion, life, teen, poets,

Living A Poet's Life.

Hopelessly waiting for things to happen
Rhymes floating in my mind all day
With feelings expressed in little words
I live a poet's life.

Soft bongo sounds playing in my mind
Daydreaming of love, flowers, and things i find
I never want to be blind
I live a poets life.

Counting syllables for haikus
A number of free verses written in my notebook
Not to mention sonnets for the one i love
I live a poets life.

Living in my own little world
A place where danger is not alive
Peaceful and careless but sometimes dark
I live a poets life.

I live a poets life
Poems for every subject
And to tell the truth
I wouldnt want to live it any other way.