Love Poems About Antelope or Antelope Love Poems
by Emile Pinet |
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Beauty takes wing above the earth as butterflies explore rebirth. And rides on the wings of a dove, ambassador of peace and love. Beauty lives in forests of green, and in seas of aquamarine. It flutters through ebony caves, or frolics in indigo waves. Beauty glistens off mountain peaks dappled with snow and brindled streaks. And penguins roaming ice and snow bring beauty wherever they go. Beauty's in the eyes of a child, or an antelope running wild. And families that choose to pray, consecrate beauty every day. (Rhyme) 2/12/2015

by Charles Henderson |
Categories: natureurdu, blue, love,

Place At the Lake

there lies in lovely mountain glen
protected from the harsh north wind
meadows of such gentleness speak
volumes of love from those therein

provide life with abundant scope
promising peaceful love and hope
cradled beneath snow covered peak
food for bird, man and antelope

the Fraser fir, long is its shade
among the trees deer parade
hidden beyond a pristine shore
lies this protected alpine glade

the call of whippoorwill and dove
perfect blue of blue sky above
a home among all this and more
I’m sure, also filled with His love

© Apr 17 2011 For John's contest

by Robert Isaacs Chiwala |
Categories: allegory, conflict, confusion, cute love, fate, war,

If the Sun Goes Down

If the sun goes down
Maybe the moon will come up
If the sun goes blind
Maybe the moon will close its eyes

Defying the lion in its own den
Trying to catch a caught antelope
A recent catch still warm
Surprised by a wild roar

Stupid life stepping on other's toe
Smiling in scare being such a fool
The paths that are fetched -in flight too
Dear life save yourself -fly

No intention in ignorance
In knowledge responsibility taken
Things we would not know
In knowing maybe avoided

by David Sobieralski |
Categories: imagination, life, love, mystery, nostalgia, lost, lost,

Ripe Fruit/Dirty Plant

when my eye's opened last
and my deaf ear's fell from grace
redemption did not dare rescue
any of my number of faces

when word's hang like a death row pardon
two second's past half past fate
this is the devil i'm denying
my mind for him to dictate

i know im not lost to hatred
hatred is lost in it's gulf
a desert that's growing and open
become's a moon to my wolf

i speak to often of defeat 
make myself a victim of pride
but i feel the sun you all shine in
i bask in it's vitamin b5

hope,the antelope dont deminish
and cope if the slope don't ride
your's is the bedroom i administer
my fruit's when they are juicy and ri[pe

by Adedayo Gali |
Categories: black love,

Adumaradan Ebony Beauty

You're the reason my pen came out of retirement
Because your gracefulness brought back my element.
I would have said "kurukuru" ( cloud ) has covered my orbs
But I saw you and you turned open my door knobs;
It was like seeing an "egbin" (antelope) in its gaity form,
Orekelewa whose beauty intoxicates like the persian rum;
They who opined that the beautiful are still unborn,
Walahi I wonder if they thought your beauty can be undone;
When you walk with the gracefulness of an "Ife Olori" ( Ife queen)
All heads turn to take in thy African glory.
Duduyemi Orosun whose melanin shimmers even in darkness,
Even the angels smile and their hearts are filled with gladness!