Love Poem: ripe fruit/dirty plant
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Written by: david sobieralski

ripe fruit/dirty plant

when my eye's opened last
and my deaf ear's fell from grace
redemption did not dare rescue
any of my number of faces

when word's hang like a death row pardon
two second's past half past fate
this is the devil i'm denying
my mind for him to dictate

i know im not lost to hatred
hatred is lost in it's gulf
a desert that's growing and open
become's a moon to my wolf

i speak to often of defeat 
make myself a victim of pride
but i feel the sun you all shine in
i bask in it's vitamin b5

hope,the antelope dont deminish
and cope if the slope don't ride
your's is the bedroom i administer
my fruit's when they are juicy and ri[pe