Love Poems About Accelerate or Accelerate Love Poems
by Tom Quigley |
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Sands of Time

A t f i r s t, a l a z i l y f l o w i n g r i v e r Timeless warm glow of a summer’s day In love with the world’s vibrancy Inaudible, clock ticking Safe in seeming endlessness Each day a lifetime Some wished away Years accrue Time’s grains Fall Flow Faster Sweet life full Moments precious A n t i c i p a t e d milestones fly past, too fast Children’s years wax eternal While ours accelerate quickly Scenery outside the train’s window Ever more beautiful, yet blurring, faster 7/13/16 © Thomas W. Quigley

by Farah Chamma |
Categories: adventure, faith, life, love, nature

Across All Winds

Beneath tapestries of sky and clouds of ivory
In a waltz we dance on bridges and on alleys

Across mosques' minarets, we hear the prayers
Then descend to hear the mirth of avid card players

Upon extending roads, we both speed along
Shining with the city lights, singing its songs

With the freedom of vagabonds, with dusk and day
On the vast waterfront, we accelerate, we sway

Whether it was inner solace, or a touch of rage
On your seat I always, share and assuage

We face fierce gusts, we feel the distant sky
Across all winds, my bike and I...

by Sherwin Balbuena |
Categories: science, science fiction, space, time, universe,

Faster Than Light

Take me now
to a place in the universe

where I can stand upon
and jump into the

vacuum sea
and accelerate

at a constant nine-point-eight
meter per second squared

and fall to infinitely low
ground, so I can travel

faster than the light
passing through the lens

of my eyes,
to see the future

(c) 2012
Sherwin Balbuena
when I go against
the shrinking cosmos,

to visit the past
when I face

its expansion,
and to love the present

when I fly across
the plane of time.

by Benny Ngwako |
Categories: feelings, girlfriend, hurt, lonely, longing, relationship, sad,

All I Wanted

All I ever wanted was not of what you didn’t want
But of what will be for you and me,
Just a touch from you to accelerate and solidify us,
Just a kiss that is unexpected forever a surprise to my heart
With invisible words that endlessly say I love you
All I wanted was for me and you to take on the world
A partnership that with stands great lengths
That cannot be shaken or warry by the living deeds
We should be at ease and enjoying the peace
All I wanted was your affection as assurance
Assuring me that my heart is safe and will be well kept
Kept safe and not hurt by our pleasure being together
All I wanted was for you to be mine without unspoken words.

by Michelle Richter |
Categories: fantasy, girlfriend-boyfriend, imagination, love, science fictionme,

Sci Fi Erotica

accelerate me

at the speed of light

into your event horizen

blue shift us together

closing the distance

between us

let your gravity

pull me in

fuse me

to your soul

bathe me

in gamma rays

shot from your nebula

let me study

the astro physics of your body

while we implode

with luminosity

eclipse me

an exploding quasar

drawn in

by your magnetic field

speak to me

whispers carried on stellar winds

we spiral

towards the center


through a cosmic screen


being born again

by Deepak Chalise |
Categories: career, caregiving, dedication,

Those Braves

Those Braves

As pearls remain in sea bed
Braves should be sieved from bravery
yes, the perfection of job can win
By the parameters of human hearts

Those braves did earn from zeroes
Never expected perks and rewards
titles and classes did not pour there
Who they are hearties or braves !

One notion and single motion in faith and path
Always guided them ahead go ahead
Do not judge the results or weathers
Would be favor or depth of fates

Yes they are all those who vitalized the world
Countless their bravery gave humans lives
I love them appreciate them praise and accelerate
Those braves are sources of inspirations for all to raise.

27 6 2017

by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: education, imagination, inspirational, life, love, mystery, visionary,

Gaining Steps

Where a subject,
Defines itself,
To understand,
The concept of existence.

Always having a problem,
Knowledge analyses it, 
Where a system,
Seeks a solution.

Sensitivity of a Job,
Experience gains strength,
Skill counts capabilities,
Where maturity did it.

A priority of achievements,
Encouragement for satisfaction,
To accelerate the positiveness,
Or a nature of smoothness.

Manner of qualities,
Needs confirmed It,
Maintenance approved,
Flexibilities and stability,

A chain of growth,
A passage of gain,
Confirmation of benefits,
Or a surety of a Job.

by Jimmy Anderson |
Categories: love

Taboo Poetry Part 1

You fit me like a glove.
Pure ecstasy and I'm swimming in your love.

     Our bodies magically entertwined.
You shiver as I kiss along your jawline.
     Pressed chest to chest.
Sweet sweat glistens off your breasts.

     Moving and grooving in slow-motion.
Slipping and dipping in and out of your ocean.

     Our hearts begin to accelerate in euphoric emotions.
And on the verge of explosion.

     We climax and finally relax in a heap of love.
Our union was conceived above!

by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: animal, baby, birth, cute love, nursery rhyme, sweet, sweet love,

Tovin Tortoise

Tovin Tortoise, where are you?
It’s been months and you’re not here.
Holding my breath makes me blue!
When you get here, I will cheer.

I can’t wait to see your face,
I know you’ll be sweet and strong.
I’ll save you a special place,
just hurry yourself along!

Are you hiding in your shell?
It’s time to meet your siblings.
Their excitement just won’t quell.
Maybe you can stop their quibblings!

Robbie Rabbit thinks it fun,
teasing you because you’re slow.
You may not have legs to run,
but have persistence, I know! 

Please accelerate your speed!
We are waiting on Cloud Nine.
We will greet you, we agreed,
when you cross the finish line!

by Alkas Poetry |
Categories: allegory, allusion, appreciation, extended metaphor, lost love, sad love,

So Sad

You don't even notice
the beautiful landscape of life...
You don't see any color!
I arrive and propose
a stop for study...
you simply
and without brakes, accelerate...
move on madly
with nothing to carry,
and without me...!

by Sibusisiwe LETA Ncede |
Categories: africa, appreciation, change, courage, fun, future, image,

Untitled Poerty

Rejoice thee
As I have come for a reason
As the seasons change
And the dreams become a reality
Hold on, do not let go

Rejoice thee
As I enter the universe
As the wind blows
And the warmth is felt
Accelerate, release that pain

Rejoice thee
As I face the world
As the stars shine brightly
And the love is honoured
Smile, wave at the audience