Love Poem: Tovin Tortoise
Linda Alice Fowler Avatar
Written by: Linda Alice Fowler

Tovin Tortoise

Tovin Tortoise, where are you?
It’s been months and you’re not here.
Holding my breath makes me blue!
When you get here, I will cheer.

I can’t wait to see your face,
I know you’ll be sweet and strong.
I’ll save you a special place,
just hurry yourself along!

Are you hiding in your shell?
It’s time to meet your siblings.
Their excitement just won’t quell.
Maybe you can stop their quibblings!

Robbie Rabbit thinks it fun,
teasing you because you’re slow.
You may not have legs to run,
but have persistence, I know! 

Please accelerate your speed!
We are waiting on Cloud Nine.
We will greet you, we agreed,
when you cross the finish line!