Love Poems About Accede or Accede Love Poems
by Claire de la Grange |
Categories: lost love, love, sadlove,


Upon her thorny heart I bleed;
My rose I nurtured from a seed,
With blazing bloom and perfume sweet,
Who pricked me with her warm deceit,
To where I gladly bade her leave.

Her eyes and smile they did precede,
A witchly soul that did deceive,
My love to stumble with conceit;
Upon her thorny heart.

If I could pluck her to be freed,
And rip her from my soul, indeed,
My lesson thus would be complete,
Sough not a love in lusty heat.
To this my penance I accede, 
Upon her thorny heart.

by Edward Clapham |
Categories: love,

Amongst the dregs of my cups

I do not, amongst the dregs of my cups,
Consider you worthy to be the theme 
For my untutored scribblings.
There, Madame, there: I put you 
In your place, amongst the detritus 
Of my life, the forgotten effigies of life, 
As she should be lived.
Yet, you do not acquiesce to my intentions,
And re-emerge into my consciousness
To disturb and argue for attention and 
I am weak, and accede to your importuning
With versification to placate your demands, 
To show my love.

by Anthony Dover |
Categories: lost love,


Something in the way she stands there
Something she knows whilst serving serving all the customers sadly
But with temerity I approach whilst  stumbling over words to say
Rehearse and another till open
But I wont and accede my place
Still stumbling in my mind a phrase perhaps
And then a small packet of tobacco and then  some rizlas
She gracefully accedes knowing I have in truth no other here
Theres something in the way she smiles
When she gives me the packet 
And touches my cold hand lightly.

by sadashivan nair |
Categories: loneliness, lonely,

all alone in journey of life

All alone in journey of life,
Endured painful murky days;
No more, 
Yep, no more;
I can't stand the lonely life;
Wandered in rain and dry,
Wandered in scorching
Sun and murky night,
In lakes and mounts;
A company I sought,
Who fills colours in life; 
The spring tide I felt,
The day you entered in my heart;
The odour of pollen 
Drags me in, 
Coerces to cohere, 
Seek inebriating nectar; 
Thy company is bliss,
Brings smile,
Fills paints of vibrant shades,
Sing melodious floret songs;
Feel the sense of frolic ambiance,
It's not love, 
Nor I think is romance;
With you my side, I accede,
Am complete content man;

© Sadashivan Nair

Categories: happiness, love,


As the sun turned down its daily light
And the moons even glow is paints its delight
As the heaven takes on a luminescent afterglow
The earth stops moving as I see you approach
The tides seemed to ebb as you draw close
The wiley winds whisper into my eager ear
My heart pounds incessantly as you touch me like a balm
Our bare feet linger on the beach so apparently  calm
And our hearts meet so perfectly once again
Subdued I accede while I fight to keep sane
Mere moments pass yet your touch lingers so close
I hope and I pray for this moment to last  - froze