Love Poems About Abuzz or Abuzz Love Poems
by Crystal Bellman |
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No Place Like Home

Come with me, and you will see.
Magic in the land that grows the big tall trees. 
Stop and listen, can you hear.
The birds that are singing far and near.
Fairies wings are fluttering from pure delight.
Sunshine is warming, no more cold of the night.
The old fat gnomes all live under the willow trees.
Up on the left, to the right, near the Red Lilies.
The bees are all abuzz, with their bumble buzzy songs.
Us pixies wake the flowers, so they can sing along.
The garden we live in is grown with great love.
We thank our lucky stars and the heavens above.
When all is said and done and day turns back to night.
Serenity hugs us all, until we see mornings light.


by Sara Chansarkar |
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That's why I love showers

thoughts afloat, words sailing
the minute I step into a warm shower
eyes drip vision, mind abuzz stories
world suddenly clearer than water

no distraction to sway, no tricks to play
no soul calling my name that time
moments of solitude and introspection
to conjure and imagine lines that rhyme

times I step in with rocks in head and heart
emerge anew light as a dove’s feather
puzzles that keep me up all night
find lucid answers in clouds of vapor.

Written on 06/06/2016

by Michael Burch |
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by Michael R. Burch

love was a little treble thing?
prone to sing
and sometimes to sting

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by Johnette Loefgren |
Categories: inspirational, on writing and words, passion,

the secret source

artesian well
gush and flow of thirsty love
his Banyan soul rejoiced
new trunks from his psyche
arching,bridging the gaps
between synapses
chemical bees abuzz
with words of love
he ,a forest of one
she,his indigo lagoon
she hidden in his roots
he,reaching for the sun
for all to see
roosting the colored birds
of poems ripen in his leaves
indigo blue as their source
picked and shared by all

by Holly Bohto |
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Love is my new drug

Love is
my new drug
seeped inside
my blood
my lungs
I'm all
can't feel
my tounge 
I be
catching doves
running through 
the slums
and all abuzz?

(Work in progress)