Love Poem: No Place Like Home
Crystal Bellman Avatar
Written by: Crystal Bellman

No Place Like Home

Come with me, and you will see.
Magic in the land that grows the big tall trees. 
Stop and listen, can you hear.
The birds that are singing far and near.
Fairies wings are fluttering from pure delight.
Sunshine is warming, no more cold of the night.
The old fat gnomes all live under the willow trees.
Up on the left, to the right, near the Red Lilies.
The bees are all abuzz, with their bumble buzzy songs.
Us pixies wake the flowers, so they can sing along.
The garden we live in is grown with great love.
We thank our lucky stars and the heavens above.
When all is said and done and day turns back to night.
Serenity hugs us all, until we see mornings light.