Love Poems About Absurdly or Absurdly Love Poems
by Caren Krutsinger |
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I Am Pretty Confident Until

Some people like keeping up with the Joneses
I do not know any Joneses who could keep up with me
So I have elected to keep up with the gnomes
How absurdly difficult could that task be?

I like wearing leggings, and I have no height
I love gardens, faerie houses,and toadstools you see.
I am pretty confident I can keep up until FFFT!
They begin rapidly disappearing in front of me.

I scrunch up my face, and concentrate ridiculously hard.
What about keeping up with faeries?  Fairies begin to giggle.
I have not giggled in a long long time, annoying my own petard.
How about a dragon fly, I think as I begin my wing-trying-out wiggle.

by Nicholas Webb |
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Contradictions, the Bane of My Existence

I want fame and humility I want war and I want peace I want God and I want freedom I want freedom and enslavment I want to settle down, and keep moving I sprint home and crawl to work I'll eat my fill and then I'll starve I will kill and I will resurrect Give me extravagance and give me banality entertain me and bore me LOVE ME AND HATE ME LOVE ME AND HATE ME so I will show you my lithe desires, absurdly ensuring I will NEVER be at peace open your mouth and laugh with me laugh

by Weightless Pen |
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I Know

I know you will not come 
you won't return here by me anymore 
never again 
I'll wait you 
as I wait you every evening 
when disappears the light of day 
and slowly come down, icy, the veil of night 
endless night 
here watching 
absurdly and foolishly 
your impossible return 
when the night falls 
or the snow covers the hill all white 
I am on the imaginary balcony 
waiting for you 
even though I know 
you will not return 
you won't come back here by me anymore

by Brian Densham |
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First Born - Redux

What of those dreams that in our mind
Seek distant hopes and in them find
That love and life may be combined

Awakening, our thoughts commence
Become aware in sweet suspense
Of all that new life represents

For as the coming years unfold
Despite what history may mold
Remains a future yet untold

And so, in timid confidence
Of still unproven competence
Uneasily face providence

‘Til broaching wisdom born of birth
Exposes fundamental worth
Of all that’s meaningful on Earth

And in that moment of delight
To smile absurdly at the sight
When everything in life … is right

Apologies for not taking the time to do this right the first time.

by Aadhi Bhagavan |
Categories: depression, sad love,

You and Me

Aye, that way, you've chosen.
Away from me you go.
Absurdly, awaiting you I am.
My gentle young girl,
It is lonesome, the path, your choice;
And it is 
As dark as my heart has become.

Too genteel and heavy is
The walk you attempt.
Very despair and numbness
It makes mine.
Do I walk? 
From you?

You are, however, now far off 
To my reach,
And me either 
To your soft hands.
Days pass, ceaselessly,
As you've gone
From me
And I from you.

by Tiffany Julius |
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As we spend time solving problems,
And I learn what she likes and dislikes.
I find we have most everything in common.
She counts me as a sister,
And absurdly ive realized,
I’m in love with her.
As we spend more time together,
And I dance and dip her.
Sending my heart fluttering and flittering.
I tell her that I cannot be her sister,
I long to be her lover,
Instead I opt for her best friend.
As I tell her this, she agrees.
I long to kiss her, hold her, love her.
Make her mine.