Love Poems About Absently or Absently Love Poems
by Conn Walsh |
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A is for Absently staring at you,
D is for Dazed thorough and true,
A is for Agony coming undone,
M is for Maybe you might be the one.

A is Arousal my body's on fire,
D is my deepest most hidden Desire,
A is Allured, enamored to sin,
M is Magnetic pulling me in.

A, I'm Angry you cheated you lied,
D, i'm Dead feel nothing inside,
A, i'm Addled don't know what to do,
M i'm Madly in love with you.

by Mansur Aziz |
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But the Depth of Heart

But the Depth of Heart

I don’t think ever,  the depth of heart
Just think the untouched depth 
I lost my mind again and again
None but rummage
I can’t embrace the Greens,
My mind is a blue butterfly
Please once come to me my lover
The blue butterfly is being Contests

I saw the sun come out of the twilight besides besides
My mind is just swimming in twilight
No one seems to take up absently Daliya in your silky hair?
Are you now in colorful mind
Let us go to the fount

would you stumbled in a wild trailer!
Please catch my unacquainted hands
Accustomed me with your soft touches

It seems to me that wild birds singing
Oh! My mind I still do not know what is the depth of your heart.

by Timothy Goetsch |
Categories: family, grandfather, lost love, storm,

Jeremy Xamined the Stormy Eaves

Absently I
Brushed the
Crushed ice
Down from the
Eaves and
Followed my 
Grandfather into
His little cottage.

I looked all around me hoping to find any traces of
Jeremy's presence, but
Katherine had been thorough and
Nothing, to remember him by.

Out of the corner of my eye a
Purple flag flapped outside the
Quietly warning us of the
Rapidly approaching
Storm that had
Threatened the lot of

Very slowly I
Worked my way to the window and
Xamined the sky outside,
Yawning for lack of

by Ann Foster |
Categories: angel, grandfather, heaven, hero, husband, love, marriage,

New Stomps

New Stomps
Today I have again, 
been told the value of my worth. 

or at least the value of 
new socks and shoes, 
by a man...
that did not look
at the price tag,
but instead at my face, 
as he ripped open
the sock package of six...
to get me what was needed.
The whole package, 
more money than I paid 
for my last pair of shoes...
a long while back.  

Placing all on the cash belt, 
"We'll take the lot..." 
adding the shoes, 
the open bag, 
and a second one, 
to the mix, 
placing the change 
he received in the small
donation can at the door. 

I have finally met a man, 
like my grandfather. 
A good man.

by Bryn Strudwick |
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