Love Poem: But the Depth of Heart
Mansur Aziz Avatar
Written by: Mansur Aziz

But the Depth of Heart

But the Depth of Heart

I don’t think ever,  the depth of heart
Just think the untouched depth 
I lost my mind again and again
None but rummage
I can’t embrace the Greens,
My mind is a blue butterfly
Please once come to me my lover
The blue butterfly is being Contests

I saw the sun come out of the twilight besides besides
My mind is just swimming in twilight
No one seems to take up absently Daliya in your silky hair?
Are you now in colorful mind
Let us go to the fount

would you stumbled in a wild trailer!
Please catch my unacquainted hands
Accustomed me with your soft touches

It seems to me that wild birds singing
Oh! My mind I still do not know what is the depth of your heart.